Friday, December 3, 2021

to fans of million youth climate conversation earth day end march 2022

map of participating hubs worldwide

maryland nextdoor group    early schools partner- glasgow collabs ecop26 ; journal of new economics ; adamsmith.app futures partner unsummitfuture 2023

womens collab economistwomen.com  diary collab economistdiary.com

 think there may be a piece i can add to what zasheem did in glaggow; and i spent saturday morning observing eban's student champion coaching so i hope i can design an interface with earth day 1 million youth conversation; i have been to bangladesh 15 times i know their crisis 8th largest population is existential if we go above 2 degrees;  once upon a time i was a virtual community host for european union ; our water angels knowledge network went too well -shut down because we were doing more messages than the whole of the rest of the eu- i am hopeful that guterres as a past euro-nation leader will rev up his declared 2023 summit future and have spent lot of time connecting new york students and oddly? musicians; so i like trying to see if a virtual mode can viral positively;  i also have a lot of african diaspora friends in takoma/silver spring if african adaptation (see ban ki moon www.gca.org  vienna -has CEU moved there yet?) interests any of your students; i accompanied muhammad yunus on 6 stateswide community entrepreneur challenges mainly black or rural students states; judged at mit100k; i think i know baltimore's most reliable black leader for 13 years pastor of community thurgood marhall grew up in...  chris macrae n bethesda 240 316 8157

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