Friday, December 31, 2021

 hello i have several friends in Glasgow - did you make any connections through cop26 or which green networks do you connect with? Although I live in the DC region I dont myself have connections with National Geo -do you have a main link there?.In London I used to know some of the BBC nature broadcasters and eg how they connect with the royal geo society in london and networks representing prince charles vision eg www.ashden.org- however that was while I was still partly resident in London up to 2008. Which locations do you mainly network through? I believe that I know some of the deepest community builders round SDGs 1 to 5 ; I have much less knowledge of exactly what green networks are going to scale- there is a limit to what village (or startup) networkers can build without seeing a map of what physical (and peaceful!) infrastructure is going to connect. I am very interested in who to trust in developing Asian Infrastructure - will this be a core agenda in indonesia g20; which events of asian development bank can I register at as free to zoom in through 2022? ... ( I have confidence in japan korea singapore as trying to connect a sustainability united regions of Asia -my father's surveys of Asia Rising in The Economist from 1962 started with where Japan was connecting supercities and win-win trades- so thats still where I feel I can mediate what both elders and millennials are doing...(Being a diaspora scot I like connecting with family-inspired communities anywhere- I am not interested in national political parties (other than staying out of their way!) I wish I spoke more languages - I only speak english and maths.

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