Join associates of genre 2025report: mediating millennials as the first sustainability generation
our story: we bridge the first 150 years of the wilson family's (Queen Victoria's change to commonwealth) purpose at The Economist 1993-1843 with 40 year future histories -whilst first published in Norman Macrae's entrepreneurial revolution surveys at The Economist from 1962, the macrae family from 1984 started independently writing up
Sustainability's countdown genre from 1985 with the 2025 report (concise future to 2025 published in various languages to 1993 swedish version;
in parallel we produced the biography of von neumann in American and translated into Japanese as recently as 2021;
when norman died his library was mainly adopted by adam smith scholars at glasgow university who are now publishing 2 journals : sustainability & social business modeling and new economics;
additionally the japan ambassador to bangladesh arranged for us to meet fazle abed and 15 young journalist trips later we have filed
the 30 collaborations fazle abed wanted partners of billion village women to continue at and

we welcome ideas on how to complete the genre so that millennials everywhere are uniting sustainability development solutions by 2025 -
eg we love endorsing solutions such as the gandhi family's end illiteracy in 30 hours (90 by 20 minute coaching sessions) see : Yamada's food masterclass -or ask for personal intro
IF YOU CAME FROM LINKEDIN PLEASE CLICK HERE OR here for friends of Zeebe (neSophia's) humanity or here for lunchbox
FA- dear friend and one of Glasgow Moral engineering's greatest : spent 50 years building an education system from cradle to grave for the most entrepreneurial women nature ever did see - help with the 36 collaborations that are his legacy - clues first 5 SDGs and 3 xfactors- go gree; humanise AI; map ifrastructure as if gobal vilages need borderless connectivity for life critical entrepreneurship to blossom

Friday, December 31, 2021

 how do we quad brooklyn  eg

hello I saw your interesting bio on lunchbox; I see we have some interesting common connections (are some active?); brooklyn is one of the top 3 places i try to linkin - can we connect?

 which quads is singapore best in - and how can we linkin singapore sdg quadsters?

eg posting hello I am trying to help make connections around the late great fazle abed who i interviewed 15 timns with journalists ; I know he sought to deeply connect with singapore - if interests you pls can we connect ( I saw your lunchclub bio) my happiest find of 2021

 I will be posting collaborations partly inspired by as examples of ways we can multiply massive collaboration

I found lunchlub in an odd way; when I heard that wise's 10th year of awarding educational laureates went to new yorker wendy kopp of www.teachfor - i started checking out who helped her found each of the 60 national branches

when it came to teachforchina it looked as if if a stanford student helped her more than 10 years ago and he is now in the middle of with over 10 start ups one of which is lunchclub

here is just one example of how one connection at lunchclub may lead to another collaboration - please contact me if you like the idea of connections leading to each other either in sustainability goal development network or Financial ESG modelling

Dear J . Here are some ideas - please tell me if some of them are worth following up or other ideas you may have

*** its my view that new york can make more SDG & ESG change than any american city especially over next 2 years while guterres is at the UN; I am trying to map who is helping him do/scale what particularly the agenda he published in september - additionally new yorker wendy kopp won the 10th wise education prize last month and has announced that all 60 national branches of want to change education - minimising exams, maximising youth experiential learning and entrepreneurship

***two of the people I learnt form most come from south asia- one is a good friends sunita gandhi - her family founded the 

world's largest school at lucknow- her current mission- she has developed a method ending illiteracy in 30 hours - we could mooc or whatsapp with sunita if you like; my father at the economist started celebrating asia rising at the economist in 1962, did biography of von neumann,and  in 1984 i co-authored valuing millennials as first sustainability generation ; much of asia seems to be doing much more exciting things with tech than the west - how do we urgently fill the gaps?

the person i learnt most from sir fazle abed in bangladesh at brac died in december 2019; over 50 years his women empowered microfranchises also platformed the world largest ngo partnershps; i interviewed him 15 times on how he changed aid and have tried to catalogue his solutions at - if you see ones you like, please tell me and I can try and tell you which partners are leading them

*** if you are happy i would like to intro you to she makes more connections than anyone I know and am confident she would want to see if there are ways she can help your vision rebecca has already hosted over 100 lunchclubs (just one example of her connectivity)

Thursday, December 30, 2021

how do we quad kenya

 hope you are keeping well; realise its some while since we last communicated; can I ask have you been following development of jamii bora in kenya or other reelated issues there? eg trying to understand if habitat is as strong out of kenya as when wangaari maathai was alive- have many glaswegian friends at glasgow uni but on balance we were underwhelmed by cop26 and wonder where to try scale collaborations next

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab 

Hi Kay happy/safe 2022 - i'm sad that both davos 22 and singapore 21 got deferred; I imagine you had prepped some ai dialogue streaming of urgent relevance; whilst I dont really know how to catalogue which AI people are saving humanity I have started a fast changing survey - if you see any obvious omissions i would love to make sure they are prominently linked this is about the 20th year that I started playing minor research role for biography of von neumann ; i wish I had started earlier!! 2021 saw publication of neumann bio in japanese is there anyone at ir4 hub in tokyo I could chat with?

 how can we quad india

eg hello I am writing to ask whether your experience with gaana means you might be interested in probono music celebrations of -if so lets linkin and i can try an d intro you to founder of that movement chris washington dc

Sunday, December 26, 2021

proposal last edition 2025 report -1984 can we humanise AI ?

 I am trying to update 2 books/sources mainly my father norman macrae at the economist and I first assembled 40 years ago - biography of von neumann and 2025report (40 year debate on would we humanise ai in time)

2 main opportunities evolved after my father's death in 2010: most of his library went to adam smith scholars in glasgow where they formed 2 new journals on morality of 21st c systems mapping; and the japan ambassador to bangladesh introduced me to sir fazle abed as arguably the greatest sdg entrepreneur of 1970-2020

when I use the word AI, i mean convergence of all tech from 1945 especially round alumni of eg von neumann including the twin ai labs stanford/mit - which arguably has multiplied at 100 fold per decade; that was always going to be a worldwide system change which would put human race on verge of 2 alternatives one of them being extinction I spent most of 2010s on sherp-aing young journalists on 20 trips to asia mainly bangladesh as I wanted to understand 50 years of work on women empowerment by fazle abed of brac which has also included some deep fintech solutions ; abed had a plan to unite 100 asian universities graduates on sdg projects fusing ai and deep community data which has sort of stopped with his death in 20 dec 2019

I am trying to catch up with ai as westerners with the most funds influence and shape it but celebrating where it can help the younger half of the world be the first sustainability generation

would you have any comments on this survey which will be fast changing in the 100 it converges around
Safe 2022 - chris macrae MA statistics DAMTP Corpus Christi Cambridge
 Bethesda MD +1 240 316 8157

Saturday, December 25, 2021

to founder scrum master

 Can we connect-  interested in servant leadership - i see many diverse origins all may be key to under 30s being first sustainability generation: 1 franciscan 2 how up to a billion asian women ended poverty - i visited fazle abed in bangladesh 15 times to see how he built 100000 servant leaders brac


 Hello I am the surviving son of the family of Norman Macrae - arguably the 20th Century's most purposeful future historian (see footnote). I am writing as we are aiming to rebrand all my father's frameworks as : these include "entrerpreneurial revolution" and 2 Asia Rising models first approved by President Kennedy in 1962. While these have various names my father would term these miraculous development models for billions of people as 1 women empowered rural keynsianism and 2 multi-win coastal hi-tech supercity.  We also have 2 journals edited with Adam Smith Scholars out of Glasgow University which is where I mainly relocated dad's library after his death in 2010..Two of dad's scoops in the 1950s were meeting Von Neumann whom he became biographer of and being only journalist at Messina's birth of European Union. Later it was Romano Prodi who mainly translated Entrepreneurial Revolution into Latin languages. I am writing to ask if our work might be convergent with any of your projects including the forbidden curricula I note you may be piloting out of 

Most of Dad's prodigies at The Economist died early and from my viewpoint after its first 150 years it lost its founder James Wilson's purpose which had been SDGs 1 and 2 in the context of changing the English Constitution towards Commonwealth and/or Adam Smithian future purpose. Among partnering contemporaries Giffoird Pinchot and the Naisbitts are still inspiring people and while he won't remember father helped Klaus Schwab in the early days when Davos was about skiing in the morning and hosted roundtables in the evening.

My father's preference to be identified as a future historian evolved first from being a teenage navigator in allied bomber command Burma campaign - and hoping for better futures for next generations. Being  in the last class of Keynes by which time Keynes final chapter of General Theory was declaring that the world would be increasingly locked in by the handful of Economists whose theories became constitutional law. Alost as soon as analytic power started increasing 100-fold per decade father got alarmed by an ever increasing takeover of the profession by short-term number crunchers hiring themselves out to vested interests. While I am a statistician DAMPT Corpus Christi- I dont have my father's intellectual capacity. Nonetheless  having lived through the exponential timelines we started debating in 1984 I do feel that the 2020s is last chance decade for youth to ever be the sustainability generation. I am writing from Bethesda MD 

Friday, December 24, 2021


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

stories of 2009 revisited in 2021

 I am not sure if you are currently in same part of los angeles - a city I dont really know. STORY OF FAST COMPANY ROW & ABED SOCIAL BUSINESS COLLAB UNIVERSITY VINCENT> I met heath in boston 2003? while he was still the main connector at alan webbers fast company magazine. At that time at least 3 fascinating things : fast company organised 200 evening conversation clubs in big cities on social capital - 100 internationally; i populated london's (this was before a dismal thing called impact hub started in islington and bred 80 messes across the world); fast company offered insights whenever harvard mindset monopoly was wrong or at least behind von neumann's curve of 100 times more tech per decade to humanise ai with ; in an age when founders still published email at bottom of articles it helped connect startups; I expect it did a lot more but that was great ; i bumped into webber after he had sold fast company; there was in 2008/9 12 months when smith school of business at UMD was very entrepreneurial thanks to a lady called mellissa carrier; she tried to launch social business entrepreneurship- weber was a keynote speaker; I made a huge mistake; i told him dr yunus (who i had arranged european tours for including day british banks failed  ) was organising a global socail business summit; i next met   webber moderating this out of berlin in 2009.. that year I had organised yunus 69th birthday bringing from london the bbc's number 2 on nature and friend of prince charles - all hell broke loose in summer 2009 dhaka as the end game of yunus owning grameen versus sheikh hasina's hatred of him had begun; yunus used berlin that fall to pretend he was ever stronger as a worldwide sustainability economist and partner; at that same 69th birthday party i had invited the founder of brac bank and a brand consultant tania zaman who was redoing fazle abed's brand; thats where i discovered fazle abed was the person every sustainability millennial most needed to understand. abed's last act before cancer killed him was to headhunt vincent from shenzen-hk university system; vincent has at least 3 doctorate or postdoctorates from mit berkeley yale as well as sillicon valley entrepreneurial success; although abed had threaded the world's largest sustainable partnerships in civil society (transforming ng world) he didnt have time to hand tehse over to vincent in the context of uniting 100 universities whose graduates need to shape the sustainbility generation over the next few years- sorry if thats a long conversation starter but I hope you do (converse) happy safe 2022  ps ironically george soros tremendously helped yunus in 1996 starting village phones and abed from 2007 ; although the main partner in 100 sdg graduates network from the west is supposed to be soros colleges and people like malloch brown who edited the 2000 millennium goals- adminstrators around soros have got caught up in the wrong end of every activist stick (imo) instead of getting on with last mile health which was the reason soros valued abed more than any other societal leader among asia's two thirds of humanity   - i strongly recommend this space as 10 times smarter than linkedin

chris bethesda md +1 240 316 8157

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

valuetrue: Which 7 public goods do you purpose

By the time my dad was 50 we co-authored a book valuing these 7 PUBLIC GOODS purposes integral to sustainability of 21st C youth : 

  1. finance 
  2. food 
  3. healtrh 
  4. education 
  5. 100%lives-matter community, - those five are famous today as the primary sustainability goals of the UN 
  6.  true media and open space,

purpose 7 goes under many names eg UN2.0 or - humanising artificial intelligence or integrating 4 industrial revolutions with subsistence's moral system up to 1758: adam smith), uniting peoples peacefully and joyfully, hippocrtaic professions and real maths/science. My fathers reasons for this truth of market purspoe list goes back to his understanding by the age of 32 of fivre grnerations on both sides of his diaspora scot family tree as well as the economist's first 120 years as well as mediation with Japan who had been his teenage enemy in world war 2.

By the age of 32 my father norman macrae had observed 6 world changing theatres of human endeavor

1) he was home schooled  from birth in 1923 min british embassies by diaspora scot family -root cause of world wars were wat were becoming the 7 big white empires of which the case of Great Britain's posed Scots particular interest in mediating ahead of time as both scotland (scots like to joke only our peoples could be so stupid as to go bankrupt (so hostile takeover by London) by trying to build the paname canal 50 years before we invented engines) and ireland were internal colonies of London; you can read adam smith as doing the last moral systems review of markets before the age of man and engines and thanks to glasgow university co-worker james watt invention of steam engine the first author of morality of world trade systems in age of industrial revolution

2) since his father was working in british embassy in moscow up to 1936,  dad realised with horror that one of 2 mad men hitler or stalin would be a winner of world war 2 with access to nuclear tech- and that humanity (especially the whole of white banking, and english speaking acadmics) would need to outlast that madman even as attempts were made to unite nations and peace

3) father spent his last days as teen preparing tio serve as navigator aloi8ed bomber command burma campaign - this left him with google maps in his head of east-west a generation ahead of any other mediator (in particular ne of burma is continent of china and hq of japan his enemy in the war; south east is asean; west is the bay of bengal were the bengalese were the home front to the whole of indisn subcontient) this was further multiplied by marrying daughter of sir kenneth kemp - the scot charged with mediating gandhi for quarter of a centiry; sir ken's l;ast jobs was to write up the lgalese of indepenence of the quarter of the world on inmdia subcontiemt -whilst both orwell and kiplimg have writtent eloquemnt works from being in burma, my fathers down time between sorties was spent redaing adma smith

4) survivimng world war 2 , norman was in last class to be tutored ny keynes and then spent his working life at teh economist founded by scot james wilson 1843 to help queen victoria chnag eteh english constitution from slavemaking empire to commonwealth

4) norman was the only journalists at messina birth of the EU - he got to know moment and eu founding fathers well

5 norman met von neumann was to become both his informal and official biographer; in the exconomist5 informally he rehearsed with audiences what industrial revolution 3, 4 possibilities would be of 100 time more tech compounding every decade from 1955; that was norman's fists 32 yeras that was; it wasnt until 1962 jis 15th yera at the economist that he was permitted to sign one annual survey

1960s future of nations as if their peoples livelihood/sustainability matttered - see countries surveyed eg japan russia latim america south africa.. as well as Europe, USAat

approved by JF Kennedy was  1960s norman's unique identification mapping 2 asia rising models: 1) supervillage production, 2) tech supercity win-win trading - - empow4ering half the world to escape from the poverty that mainly british empire and the world's worst corporation east india company had spiraled

from the 1970s father preferred to adopt keynes moniker of future historian - questioning when would tech Computer networks, satellite coms, mobile personal devices) transform 

5=dimensional sustaiability of communities and SME entrepreneurail networking 

1 finance

2 food distribution rural locally as well worldwide value chains via growth of cities and across free market ( maritime win-wins instead of win-loses)

3 last mile health

4 education

5 communities to 100% value livelihoods independent of sex, skin colour and in line with nature's resiliency challenges

I first co-authored 2025 with father in 1984 - it built on all dads experiences and questioned what exponential timelines and entrepreneurial revolions would be needed when if millennials were to be the first sdg generation

firstly why did the world fail to accept scenation sdg1 - by 2000 humans everywhere need to accep0t that mans greatest risk is tyhediscrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations 

Monday, December 20, 2021

t5o freinds of fintech for humanity

 very excited about the scope of your work - I have put a sample of profiles of purposeful people have some familiarity with and who generally might make win-win connections here  I realise that when it comes more deeply to fintech I have not found a way of keeping up with many of the key pieces of crypto, blockchain etc; I will try and write a summary mainly of my ignorance before end of week; however on curriculum of finance for all ages the elementary fin literacy curriculum seems to be the partnership at while started at indian orphanage its been led out of netherlands for 10 years - there are many SDs interesting about the netherlands including queen maxima being the un's special envoy for financial inclusion  ; in australia did something very interesting - for most of 2010s she built 10thousand girls - every major city peer to peer training club of women to women as financially independent (from male financial world) - she seems to have moved on to offering a mutual financial advisory at                   overall I have decided to rebrand 60 years of work by my father (The Economist) and myself as the genre originally this was a book first written in 1984 (updated in different languages for 10 years) on timelines to millennials being the sustainability generation (I am looking for co-editors of a final edition); the other main  book in this genre is my family's bio of von neumann; most of my fathers leadership debates at the economist branded as entrepreneurial revolution and intrapreneurship are relevant -see eg for most surveys; japan was the country that most implemented dad's views; when dad died 2 main things: i moved his library to adam smith scholars in scotland who have launched 2 journals on new economics and in terms of traveling in 2010s i made over 20 visits to bangladesh and china- i was interested in the half century  economic miracle of a billion peoples human development in these 2 countries which at the rural level are linked from 1975 to 2025 but at city level have no relationship as bangladesh has no superport and less than 1% of investment in infrastructure that china has; I am also just starting a survey of who is who in AI at  - if anything I am connecting has relevance to you at any time please say; the world needs your connections to mediate fintech for humanity

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

 Dear Friends of Children - the United Nations and 2021 Expo have just completed the most massive re-examination of education - main video replays here I will try and edit this post over next few days with catalogue 1 videos relevant to play schools; catalogue 2 other videos relevant to teachers and youth being the first sustainability generation .

If you do come across a video you like most please tell us

225 positive views human innovation

52 cards play SDG GEN? UNI BRACollab value 
youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-

I aim for first version of this search by 1 jan 2022 and hope by 2024 to find a publisher of last edition of 2025 report started at The Economist (dad Norman's friends), alumni of Von Neumann, Adam Smith and my sci-fi friends in 1980s in early 1980s. E:Food G1*G2

My search is biased by the few peoples whose life work I have had time to see and trust ; i dream of searching family & tech optimism from 360 degrees- I welcome nominations inspired by whose work I have never heard of

E:Women G5*G4 Fazle Abed Inspired (ie poorest asian womens families sustainability collaborations)

Fazle Abed a  b  c  d  e (& Shameran A) -related

2 & Guterres including 2023 futures of youth sustaining earth

3 & Ibrahim including africa's future leaders

4 & Melinda Gates

5 & Mrs Steve Jobs

6 & Mackenzie Scott

7 & Sheika Moza including Asian women university coalitions

8 & Queen Rania

9 & Dutch Royal Family

10 Queen Elizabeth's Family

11 Japan Emperors since 1945

12 & Charles Yidan -what if education, joy of tech and valuing younger half of humans not old male economists mapped the future of every innovation discipline

13 & Singapore Diaspora (not sure which one person most connects their joyful belief in asean peoples)

14 & Klaus Schwab

15 & Kopp

16 & Borlaug

17 & James Grant

18 & Quadir family

19 & Reeta Roy

20 & Gordon Brown

21 Emmanuel Faber

22 Jim Yong Kim (Farmer, Dahl) & George Soros & Larry Brilliant (global health 2000+)



100 Neumann (ie industrial revs 3 & 4 100 times moore multipliers from 1955)

101 Moore

102 Musk

103 Einstein (blah-blah evidence versus curiosity: lesson 1 all male science biassed top-down (nature dynamics always more micro than man can hope to measure let alone exponentially compound -corollary einstein laid 5 to 1 against humans sustaining 21st C -lets hope his times world war 2 impacted his mental health in this assessment) 103 A osaka or biles (likeminded university of stars alumni of japan olympics) 103 B mrs Kobe Bryant

104 Gandhi 104a Montessori

105 Attenboroughs

106 Mandela

107 Thurgood Marshall

108 Stanford Junior

109 Fei-Fei Li

105 Gifford Pinchot


150 Smith (bridge between morals of humans and nature and industrial revolutioins 1 and 2)

151 St Francis

152 Keynes

153 James Wilson

154 Drucker

200 ....

Published by GAMES 52 cards play SDG GEN? UNI BRACollab value youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-