Join associates of genre 2025report: mediating millennials as the first sustainability generation
our story: we bridge the first 150 years of the wilson family's (Queen Victoria's change to commonwealth) purpose at The Economist 1993-1843 with 40 year future histories -whilst first published in Norman Macrae's entrepreneurial revolution surveys at The Economist from 1962, the macrae family from 1984 started independently writing up
Sustainability's countdown genre from 1985 with the 2025 report (concise future to 2025 published in various languages to 1993 swedish version;
in parallel we produced the biography of von neumann in American and translated into Japanese as recently as 2021;
when norman died his library was mainly adopted by adam smith scholars at glasgow university who are now publishing 2 journals : sustainability & social business modeling and new economics;
additionally the japan ambassador to bangladesh arranged for us to meet fazle abed and 15 young journalist trips later we have filed
the 30 collaborations fazle abed wanted partners of billion village women to continue at and

we welcome ideas on how to complete the genre so that millennials everywhere are uniting sustainability development solutions by 2025 -
eg we love endorsing solutions such as the gandhi family's end illiteracy in 30 hours (90 by 20 minute coaching sessions) see : Yamada's food masterclass -or ask for personal intro
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FA- dear friend and one of Glasgow Moral engineering's greatest : spent 50 years building an education system from cradle to grave for the most entrepreneurial women nature ever did see - help with the 36 collaborations that are his legacy - clues first 5 SDGs and 3 xfactors- go gree; humanise AI; map ifrastructure as if gobal vilages need borderless connectivity for life critical entrepreneurship to blossom

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 final ed valuing markets to sustain younger half GAMES 52 cards play SDG GEN? UNI BRACollab value youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-

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Here is a draft chapter outline = do you have cases to add: between 1984-1993 dad at the economist & I coauthored versions of countdown to sustaining millennilas- we have the tech but not yet the loving communities to just do it (dad went on to do von neumanns biography)

Chapter 1 University of stars- giving back markets fashion arts sports youth co-create has pivoted young musicians to virtual worldwide celebration with UN - led out of japan and new york it also benchmarks japanese and asian lead sectors for ESGs - also out of new york founded by immigrats about 14 yeras young -in real times lost oof off broadway rising stars give their time to festival of painos in streets new york summer- each piano retired to inner city community cnetre of hospita to continue cheerful visits

the youth arts olympiads is probably the east coast largest festival celebrating artists under 16 and round the world; in pre covid days designed round 4 yearly cycles; the arts olympiada happens on the mall as near the white house as possible; in 2015 which i was minor sponsor to about 30 countries came both to make worldwidfe friends and to study us summer camps (an idea most nations havent yet developed) ; 4 years of parent sponsors prep takes youth arts works to international exhibitions and bridges cultures from everywhere; the olympiads includes celebrations of those with special needs

which superstar do you think from tokyo olympics could most connects superstars across sports who want a second life after sports matching millennials urgent sd golas; - see eg ( I deeply miss kobe bryant he seemed to be on a pathway to lead sprts beyond commercial amdinstratoirs back to youth lives matters communities- however please note every diferenmt demographic youth needs a start they can relate to - fantastic that the million dolar teacher prize this year awarded to maryland afriucan american teacher who has helped 500+ scholarships - hope they unite forward the kobe way)

will jack ma please come back - at taobao university (ecommerce for rural futures) main local fashion heroines were trained - fashion can rise out of any community if you choose the right local heroine and design an icon that united humanity I first encountered this mass communityy hostiong event in london as people were revving up to celebrate the new millennium - it aimed to web worldwide movete createefuturewewant - the tech didnt scale as much as 300000 open spaces have; it turns out 9 year olds up are whizs at convening rountables with questions on problems they want communal help solving

chapter 2 how can youth be the last mile nutrition and health srvants

chapter 3 what if there was a youth owned fintech and edutech- could it end studemnt loans in usa being bigger than all credit card debt- what else does blended tech connect so that livelihood education is for any age

chapter 4 so climate and tech are the 2 greatestb chnage networks youth can be in - how do we link them to value each other

chapter 5 what else do communitys ervanty leaders value tech for that the world's biggest orgs (PPP gov & corp) are not deeply grounded enough in to get hi-trust data and chnage before next disaster

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