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Saturday, December 11, 2021

 hi carrie - could we catch up? is global fund most active in particular country's relationships (although i chat to youth every day its so much more complex after many divides trump spun eve on climate or health where youth need to collaborate) i think we first linked due to mutual interest in yunus and grameen shakti which seem to have faded; at glasgow univesity our 2 journals are now 12 years in covering yunus and other social business movements -say if you would like meto to connect you with overall editor;  so far my african disapora networks get exciting and then disappear (knew both taddy blecher and ingrid munro well) -you met stefanos (as ethiopians are main dc diaspora i still meet them but dont understand their country); unlike africa i first went to asia in 1983 and want to mainly focus on asia; i went back to bangla 15 times from first meet with yunus in 2007 but mainly to study fazle abed - i would like to check whether his legacy interests you ; i went to about 4 wise laureates summits which emerged from abed and sheikha moza womens edu city in qatar; i see wendy kopp is the new wise laureate; she could be the most pivotal person on future of education abed hoped for- do you know her well? - chris bethesda 240 316 8157

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