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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

 Dear Friends of Children - the United Nations and 2021 Expo have just completed the most massive re-examination of education - main video replays here I will try and edit this post over next few days with catalogue 1 videos relevant to play schools; catalogue 2 other videos relevant to teachers and youth being the first sustainability generation .

If you do come across a video you like most please tell us

225 positive views human innovation

52 cards play SDG GEN? UNI BRACollab value 
youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-

I aim for first version of this search by 1 jan 2022 and hope by 2024 to find a publisher of last edition of 2025 report started at The Economist (dad Norman's friends), alumni of Von Neumann, Adam Smith and my sci-fi friends in 1980s in early 1980s. E:Food G1*G2

My search is biased by the few peoples whose life work I have had time to see and trust ; i dream of searching family & tech optimism from 360 degrees- I welcome nominations inspired by whose work I have never heard of

E:Women G5*G4 Fazle Abed Inspired (ie poorest asian womens families sustainability collaborations)

Fazle Abed a  b  c  d  e (& Shameran A) -related

2 & Guterres including 2023 futures of youth sustaining earth

3 & Ibrahim including africa's future leaders

4 & Melinda Gates

5 & Mrs Steve Jobs

6 & Mackenzie Scott

7 & Sheika Moza including Asian women university coalitions

8 & Queen Rania

9 & Dutch Royal Family

10 Queen Elizabeth's Family

11 Japan Emperors since 1945

12 & Charles Yidan -what if education, joy of tech and valuing younger half of humans not old male economists mapped the future of every innovation discipline

13 & Singapore Diaspora (not sure which one person most connects their joyful belief in asean peoples)

14 & Klaus Schwab

15 & Kopp

16 & Borlaug

17 & James Grant

18 & Quadir family

19 & Reeta Roy

20 & Gordon Brown

21 Emmanuel Faber

22 Jim Yong Kim (Farmer, Dahl) & George Soros & Larry Brilliant (global health 2000+)



100 Neumann (ie industrial revs 3 & 4 100 times moore multipliers from 1955)

101 Moore

102 Musk

103 Einstein (blah-blah evidence versus curiosity: lesson 1 all male science biassed top-down (nature dynamics always more micro than man can hope to measure let alone exponentially compound -corollary einstein laid 5 to 1 against humans sustaining 21st C -lets hope his times world war 2 impacted his mental health in this assessment) 103 A osaka or biles (likeminded university of stars alumni of japan olympics) 103 B mrs Kobe Bryant

104 Gandhi 104a Montessori

105 Attenboroughs

106 Mandela

107 Thurgood Marshall

108 Stanford Junior

109 Fei-Fei Li

105 Gifford Pinchot


150 Smith (bridge between morals of humans and nature and industrial revolutioins 1 and 2)

151 St Francis

152 Keynes

153 James Wilson

154 Drucker

200 ....

Published by GAMES 52 cards play SDG GEN? UNI BRACollab value youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-

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