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Sunday, December 5, 2021

 please could i intro you - also apologies for errors-washington dc difficult place to see clearly from!

K=director of artificial intel at world economic forum; i think she is mainly located at schwab's industrial revolution 4 hub in san francisco

VC=born in Taiwan. whose family live in los angeles  was headhunted by fazle abed  from shenzen/hong kong university system to lead his university (who helped schwab understand social business see eg 2008 summit that started connections of asian women empowerment and weforum). Bangladesh leaders have asked VC to help compose industrial revolution 4 summit

-this month there is a heck of a lot going on among the 1000000 educators that abed assembled at 3 global summits (including dubai rewired2021 where both gordon brown and ceo of weforum are briefing UAE expo & UN education/youth branches) this month- good luck with ir4 be it in bangladesh this month or davos next ......................................

chris macrae    PS my father at the economist probably interpreted von neumann and adam smith and keynes more than anyone of the era who served as teens in world war 2 in dads case bomber command navigator burma campaign - feel these 3 systems people's exponential legacies are crashing into a lot of tipping points .. we scots are not happy about consequence of glasgow last month but dont know if we could have done better - not being a nation (in un or eu definition)  we seem to have lost voice to how machines are used next. we have 2 glasgow uni journals if you know of ed board nominees

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