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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

or metaversing the top 10 underknowns

 When it comes to afvances in the human lot , we argie the most recent underknown is

1 half of hymnan development occirs by age 6 - see

 The great post-war finding that the2 G8 empires had however ccidentally prevented over 2/3 of huamsn form accessing electricity -

3  By the end of the 20th Cthis underknown 2 needed mediating as the onme end poverty hoqal at the chnage oif teh millennium coincided wuth digital media having even more impavt than braiodcast meda. Web needed more than half of peopel everywhere to be aware and afree to connecting around this one goal vefore factoring several more-otherwise fake media anhd fake numbers goversnance woild sporal

4 the chalenge of precenting fake nymbers goverance was first sgared wuth economust journalists by non neyumann 1951 - the number 1 question of jhouranslism got humanity needed tio be ask what leaders aim to cvompoinmd wioth 100 times more tech per decade that is a million tiems mo9re per 30 reat interfenerational investment period

By 1962 The Economist and JGK had started celebrating 2 previoisulpy impossible opportunities

5-celebrate with next generation a decade long is[iration - eg mnoon race

  6 map interdependent collaborations mervifully exemeplo0fied by 2 asian rising models supoercities

7 super vilahes - it took 30 years of women vilahers networking without electicity to codify hoiw to change charaitable aid into microfrachising economics - see 

by 1972 we kne dinance was heading to diusaster with nixoins decopupolong o9f global currency from gikld standard so9 community giontech woyld be an yrgent need of opersoinal computer webbing

it was proposed in 1984 that gintech needed to be traingularised with helathtech and eduech if 100 times more was toi advance the huamn lot but also in 1984 it was clar=ified that the eu and usa had 5 yeras to prep for falk of berlin wall being the time to unci9te rissian tech nologis to web worldwid boiof while us and russduian leaders disnmatled disctaorships they had mapped worldwide furing the colf war