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Friday, December 10, 2021

 Is there any chance that one of you could introduce me to wendy kopp on linkedin?

My fazle abed story is when my father died the japan ambassador to dhaka introduced me to sir fazle abed and we spent hours brainstorming his idea that sustainability would depend on enough universities sharing their sustainability graduates on spreading massive last mile collab solutions of the 2020s (under 30s as first sustainability generation)

I now realise wendy's idea of connecting 60 TeachForAll nations' graduates before they become lifelong teachers is the missing piece of womens empowerment lifelong education at least the way 2020s world is spiralling now towards or away from abed's 50 years work chose partners our of the poorest and biggest purely tropical population

Of the hundred stories millennial journalists and I collected from 15 trips to listen to abed through the 2010s I now realise that the marketing of oral rehydration is probably the one that connects morally and logically with every other economic or educational  decision abed partners ever make 

Of course if someone else can do a better job at seeing if wendy thinks its the stioy her 2022+ networks (and the first 10 years of wise lureates) needs to collaborate around then thats fine

I have tried to follow every osun message since soros 2020 world economic forum announced it a month after abed's death and the last month before covid lockdown; as yet those who admin soros budgets dont wholly understand tropical village mothers life critical markets and I havent yet been able to contact shameran abed the family member I was told to check everything with first, Back at abed's 80th birthday chinese graduates accompanying me were asked back to sir fazle to explain why in 2016 they were excited about the partnership of jack ma and fazle abed's cashless bamk - but then a terror attach happened; china withdrew visas to chinese milennials so the connections between the tech wizards of abed and the most loving village etachers were never made. 

cheers chris macrae +1 240 316 8157
I am rehearsing how to celebrate the 50th year of oral rehydration as the first literacy curriculum of billion village mothers at  BREAKING NEWS ONLY MILLENNIALS GRADUATE TEACHERS COLLABS CAN SAVE US FROM EXTINCTION 

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