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Thursday, February 23, 2023

3 economic development approaches to 1 billion tropical village girls most urgent 1970 crisis

 yunus- in 1965 DR Muhmmad Yunus had earned a fulbright to vanderbilt uni (named after ny railway entrepreneur) to stidy economics; 

sidenote a century earlier infrastructure entrepreneurship had made the vanderbilts americas richest family

back down south 1965 (2 years after kennedy and medgars evers assassination )

The 1960s: The age of assassinations. ... of the American Nazi Party, was killed in 1967. So why were there so many assassinations in the 1960s in America?

it was a crazy time to have any skin color down south let alone his; still he survived and has, arguably, been the most fearless storyteller of his generation ever since (pretty unusual among Asians where face cultures can make east and west celebration of each other so hard to sustain)

few people have the personal energy of yunus - it was probably easy peasy for him to  not only master his studies but get an assiatant prof in economics at east tenssee uni; he married a a russian american Vera  birthef monica -his homeland was achieving independence through a bloody war with pakistan- he lobbied us congfress not to intervene on the side of pakistan- with freedom won he returned to teach economics at chittagong U (this was both where hus family had grown up with one of the city's leading jewelry stires and at that time the most innovative uni in his homeland - paksitan while empiring over the region for nearly 25 years had constrained local students at the capita Dhaka's Uni- 

there are some alternative accounts of these ear,y 1970s- eg during the first yeay of teaching a manine hit bangladesh -ot was the 3ed event killing over half a million people in 4 years (cyclone 1970, wae and famine)- a student asked how does what you are teaching us help with developing our new nation - yunus agreed it at all- it was the last class year he taught on the campus - inatead a group of students relocated human development economics as a practice curricula to a nearby village - ie a place without access to electricity grids- 2 leading students - female mrs begum, male dipal barua, and a prof technically de yunus senior prof latifee were to work togather for the next 36 years UP UNTIL THE 69TH BIRTHDAY PARTY OF YUNUS (reciprocating his kindness as guest of honor at my dads last pyblic birthday party royal automobile club london st james 2008) WHICH MY FANILY ACCIDENTALLY CONVENED SUMMER 2009 IN Dhaka- we welcome corrections to being a cooperation alumni of Yunus at yunusmooc.com (sadly a rumor first surfaced at yunsu 69th birhday- bad blood between and prime minster sheik hasina was to see yunus fiofiet his whole banking enterprise- by 1983 constitution a givernment bank with a byelaw requiring retirement by 650

- my understanding is that student teams around yunus first tried some water entrepreneur experiements  but in spite of quire a nifty solution which they tried turning over as a sustainable model over to village chiefs -the male chieftains profited- the intended maimly female  vilage co-workers benficaries didn't- so yunus looked at how loans in this village were assigned - he found a loan shark whose loan portfolio ripped off about 40 village mothers each of whom was trying to staryup a small busiens - famously another mrs begum wanted to make and sell hand woven baskets- yunus found fir a total of 26 us dollars he could bank for the whole group; saving them from being locked in to laon shardkom -it took a lot more worrk to work out a plan - basically serving 60 circles of 60 vlage mothers loans a week per branch -and to get a giv ordinace 1983 fir grameen bank; while there were many livelihhods that grameen satrted to replicate across circles water supply was delayed for many reasons including the sad fact that there is too much arsenic around in bangaldesgh- so in pite of rural areas often more likely to flood than to be short od water- bangaldesh water entrepeners had to wait over 35 years from nations birth to start to design sustainable vilafe services other than boiling water

polak-paul polak qualified as a psychoitarist in boulder usa- during his first few years he noticed that poverty was the main affliction of most of hos clients; so he decided to relocate his busiens focus to one of the world's most extreme labs for poverty resolution bangladesh - there he led the invention of the treadle pump for irrigating cropsd - this dindt quite fit women empowered busienses as taking loan fir a treadle pumo was bigger than those in extreme povery could support- also a treadle pump os powered by human energy - even at ther fittest a young woman could probably only pum a thord that a young man could; it trurned out that treadle pumping was a far more successful fit for kenyan farmers to end agriculture- so plolak satreted working to dinf bottom-up aid  partbersin both countries; his diaries are fascinating because he hept them about 14 years before the clintons visired yunus around 1989 (before bill's presideny)

abed from founding NGO Bangladesh's Rural Advancement Coperation) in1972 to 1983 were the only massively scaling networks women could build rural nation around - abed had been the former regional ceo for royal dutch shell - he had the connections to scale a sequence of solutions  that women building100000 village communities needed most - furst rice franchsies to end starvation ; next training every vilage mother in oral rehydration - a way to prevent infant death by diarrhea (and bad water0 - for more see abedmooc.com

so although we might well argue water is everywhere foundation to human sustainability it probably makes sense that water and sanitation appear ad sustainability dev goal 6 with SHELF :

5 she-too women building 100000 person communities

3 health last mile service'4 educationb g=foir liveleihoods  village busiensses integrated wth every other age f=group of giels action learning

17&1 partnerships in investment to end poverty

2 Food 

in any event thsi may explain why 2023 is the first time in 20 years that UN HQ Ny is taking another look - tofay can water ai and human netwroks kof water leap ahead

-see filloeing posts feb 2023 as we prep for by and worldwide sdg6 cooperation march 2023 


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Sunday, February 19, 2023