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Thursday, December 31, 1970

 just in case you dont already know each other/

https://www.linkedin.com/in/adeyemibabingtonashaye/ yemi is based in geneva; my understanding is he used to coordinate global youth shapers network of schwab's world economic forum and now hosts his own youth network https://unitedpeople.global/ my impression (please correct me if i am wrong) ; each year several hundred 20-something scholarships are added - they go and do training on hurricane island; the consequence is several thousand younger now people hugely support each other across hemispheres on general climate and zero carbon actions as well as where they have specific skills; i joined one of their quarterly zooms and the culture of supporting each other is extremely strong; it seems gandhian to me though I am sometimes confuse different consciousness methods

jack sim is in singapore  he's spent last 24 years uniting people round goal 6 water and sanitation - he has got his own un calendar day nov 19 ; and march22-24 sees first UN headquarters NY habitat summit specifically linked by water and sanitation  https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023 ; additionally jack runs bop hub which is currently researching every major social entrepreneur catalooue for which solutions cooperatively scale http://www.worldtoilet.org https://www.bophub.org/collaborate-more

sampson coordinates http://www.nexteinstein.org - its the strongest network I have seen training mathematicians for africa and is one of the star atrractions of science summits now run parallel to un general assembly and corresponding events by declan kirrane (hq brussels) Declan Kirrane's schedule for EU Science: Global Challenges Global Collaboration Conference

john has run new york's sooundtracknewyork studio for 45 years and connects musicians arts and sdgs; he also knows the head of unhabitat in geneva ; and like sampson and me he sees mathematicians as essential contributors to solving system problems our species seems to be sinking in

we are trying to maximise connections, with notable diary regarding  new york and un  march 22 focus on jacks' cooperations; we also have a lot of women empowerment mutual debriefings (i visited sir fazle abed brac banagladesh 16 times and know the vice chancellor he headhunted for brac university who has just competed 4 years bridging the loss of sir fazle, covid and other challenges

a totally new tech/ed framework of cooperation began 2016 at UN (which i have tracked every year) -its very much my fav model of how gov can help millennials be first sustainability generation https://www.un.org/techenvoy/content/ongoing-work as well as calling for total change in education systems and digital appreciation of each other; moreover this framework has restored geneva as ITU digital twin of UN and eg researching what ai for good every un operational branch apps run as an online portal

just writing in case there may be connections - you all help millennial generation such a lot - thanks
chris washington dc region and NY  EconomistDiary.com   +1 240 316 8157

 Dear Bolor Battsengel, please may i intro you to Jack Sim- 23 years ago he sold up 40 companies in singapore and has dedicated  to sdgs cooperation particularly goal 6 sanitation where UN nov 19 is day celebrating his connections ; in next few weeks he's helping unhabitat stage water summit ny march 21-25 ; he's also in middle of all singapore tech people with his bottom of pyramid hub; I was intending to follow up of global digital 2022 which you in mongolia hosted with un tech envoy office https://www.google.com/search?q=gdd+2022+envoy+%22mongolia%22+un but I see you are now focusing on girls code https://girlscode.mn/   - many of my friends in ny and hk are metaverse girl code leaders- is there a best way to update (I have business cards from 5 people from mongiolia ny embassy but if girls code is a different network could we start there? I believe jack has one edu startup in monhgolia http://equitylab.mn/ - over to you!

prep 2023 q1 cooperatiosn

 January zoom NY soundtracknewyork john kiehl;  

singapore bop hub and worldtoilet jack sim ; nov 19 un day' bophub.com

hong kong jeanne lim www.beingai.com

afruca and atlantan and nih md (via brussels Kirrane)  next eisntein sampson and paul taylor

brazil recife region Phillipa White TIE

NY - China attorney Randi Miller

Peter Burgess

in absentia vincent chnag 4 years vcbrac u; mack now london former japan senir wall st and www.musicforsdgs.com

NY diary feb 14 womens kindness launches; march 21 un water summit; 8 consultaions on future of un ; how to chat with Un tech envoy office; how to demonstrae vriti ed3dao unconfenrencing solution 

next intro john and vriti at k20/ed3daoTransform your online 

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Dear john there seem to be some huge action timelines discovered by the zoom ; from my perspective march 21 is a key deadline for example can we find something so that jeanne flies into usa via ny not straight to miami; .can we make a furs connection in un tech envoy office- while indian amandeep gill remain coordinator of everything, the young singapore lady who did the calendar during the 3 years of covid has been moved to another part of Un; what side events can we host; I dont seem to be able to get graham to reply to whether he wants to be on we with you and jack-maybe you can follow him up; I am confused by the kenya hq of unhabitat- i did shake the hands of the new malaysian leader of unhabitat (at the time as mayor of oenang malaysia's number 2 city it felt as it she could connect smart mayors infrastructure/investment banking like nobody else in UN) s; i had luckiiy abeen at 2 of her first ny launch events on the same day but then the secretariat she told me to keep corresponding with soon stopped chatting and of course kenya hasnt been easy during covid and trump (almost the opposite of while obama with his kenyan father was in charge); oddly next einstein did not appear to be deep in nairobi; I think there are many searches that may help jack sim and then interest jeanne too; fir example we barely discussed if he has any metaverse or avatar close associates even though singapore may be second only to hong kong in where that overlaps with jean's work; then there is whatever becomes public from valentines day; before then I hope vincent shares a 2 hour zoom debrief with us; I am unclear with these debriefs of many years of a persons work whats best - please say if it helps me being in same place as you or some of them before march 21; of course there are areas like maths with sampson and his friend where I assume you can leap ahead if you want to; I hope they didnt disappoint in showing they are doing something remarkable