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Sunday, January 16, 2022

searching where un and multilateral asia are located -60 years behind the times?

 mapping 2020s world order: i find it very hard to understand locations of multilateral instiutions in asia - two thirds of worlds people

take the UN - is thailand really the pivotal nation to map asia's sustainability from - dont get me wrong working with unilever across Asia in 1980s and 1990s after japan (huge market), indonesia (the nearest to home of an anglo dutch multinational) thailand was a pivotal place ; it was also where I first learnt how much a capital city like bangkok could change - when i first went ther4e around 1985 you could take a taxi tour of the city if you had a day off; a decade later you would be sitting in 3 hour traffic jam if you made mistake to travel by car inrush hour; and if you tried to walk thge mix of humidity and smog was impossible (I suffee slightly from asthma)

It seems to me that the asian development bank is a hugely important institution bhut just as thailand is a puzzling world centre for un; philippines is quite a puzzle for epicentre of asian development ; I understand too that the worlds epicentre of rice ends starvation irri is in phillippines too (probaly harking back to its starting up by foird & rocekefeller foundatiosn)

collaboration curriculum of rice is one of 30 most important to map regarding billion asian women's development of asia see search 2.1 for rice and 2.2 to 2.6 for sdg 2 impacts of other food/agricultural markets

I guess the locations of all tehse instituites refelcts a world view up to 1960 but 99% of asian dynamics has chnaged since then??

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