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Saturday, January 29, 2022

 hello Rose - i was talking at lunchclub to sean kelly and looking at our common connectiosn I realised you and hadnt chatted much in spite of having 11 mutual connections many of whom inspire me- I have 3 sorts of questions: 1 starting with my father at the economist for over 60 years now one of my family's favorite debates: what will be consequence of all this tech- father was lucky to meet von neumann; became quizmaster of his legacy at the economist and biograhpher; now for first time in 20 years there is new bio - man from the future; I think von neumanns family would love to see a survey of whos most using tech to help millennials be the sdg generation; on that subject I was lucky to visit bangladesh 15 times to interrview fazle abed on empowering billion village women - he died dec 2019 and I am trying to make sure his top 30 solution networks continue; while i8 live in dc I see new york as most critical city over next 2 years on UN sdgs , ESG, fintech - do you or friends have suggestions for new york map worthy of sending to von neumann family? conversely love to hear your questions- whether similar or different. Fundamentally i see usa as being in an education crisis - not helping youth experientially learn much of what they lives/livelihoods need to celebrate.. Are there some of our mutual connections most active around you?

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