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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

can one of education's most urgent crises be solved from 2022 on

 In 2008 we started hearing testimonies from an ever increasing number of nations on how more than half of childrens lives were potentially being wasted by an ever increasing mismatch between skills and livelihoods; in particular with ever less long term employment by big companies many youth need examination culture replaced by experiential learning skills to entrepreneurially create their own livelihoods; additionally while there may be recognition that sports stars need practice practice practice why isnt this understood fpr coding, most forms of engineering almost all arts forms???

then there are ot5her issues - eg new green livelihoods; missing 100 million last mile health workers ..

then edutech is in play like never before - lets use it to innovate missing futures of education not past.

3 gamechanging dec 2021 summits may have planted an unstoppable change blowing through 2022

rewired wise yidan

wendy kopp receiving the 10th year of wise global lauretaes announced her 60 nations teachers corps will change the purpose of education - listen to her here

we are compiling a top 10 of networks such as abed's women empowerment networks who have continuously informed us of this crisis  - please share your views

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