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Monday, October 11, 2021

 2025report.com started debating millennials goals in 1984- for example we believed that to prevent the rise of fake media the bbc as world service broadcaster would need to time when to blend with digital media in the form of a reality tv show- exactly the opposite of trumps' apprentice we hoped that in year 2000 the debate of the world's biggest risk being discrepancies in incomes and expectation os of rich and poor nations would be the entrepreneurial purpose of mobilising the internet- today we come to a different but related question demonstrating how different freedom of education is from freedom of speech

One thing to know before you participate is that the word's largest school which happens to be www.citymontessori.org in Lucknow India has invented how to end illiteracy within 30 hours of learnee-centric education - details of this extraordinarily happy news can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/win-win-connection_india-learning-buildingknowledge-activity-6853257727465074688-VsyC/

A debate worthy of education revolution's most testing 18 months (Dec 2021 to Summer break 2023) from the uae expo www.rewired2021 via 2022 www.davosagenda.com to www.UNsingapore.com and in 2023 www.unsummitfuture.com . With hindsight (or foresight in case of friends of 1984's www.2025report.com) did the UN phrase the new millennium world's first education goal ineffectively? - if it had been 30 hours of nurturing literacy of every child instead of attendance of primary school ,,,sustainability consequences for ending poverty may have been different? Freedom of education is to Adam Smithian Scots a very different worldwide purpose than freedom of speech. Assuming linkedin permits such a debate my articles will try to explain further and with www.economistdiary.com www.ecop26.com (thanks to Egypt for being 27's relay) map where people can joyfully discuss this - november glasgow & ny, december uae, japan and hong kong and Egypt; where else in 2022 as we peoples do our best with chief navigator Gordon Brown to roll out freedom to vaccinate. As my mentor Fazle Abed once presented to www.economistyouth.com - westerners proved very capable of getting a can of cola within arms reach of desire all over the world, but vaccination less so. Any errors in reporting are mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc region & glasgow. Transparency note- since 80% of Scots are Diaspora we know of more diverse forms of early childhood to 5th grade schools. Take my father The Ecconomist's Norman Macrae- he was home schooled while his dad served in the British Embassy in Stalins Moscow. Wherever you are its worth knowing that illiteracy can be cured with 30 hours of learner-centric education. I think it my be terminally sad if artificials are included but not all humans in Sunita's freedom of education. But how say you?

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