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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

prposla 2025 report final edition - can SHEE freedoms unite first sustainability generaton

the 2025 report first published in 1984 brough the first 225 years of adam smith moral sentiment mediation to the question-is there an alternative sdg game 1984-2025 to orwel’s big brothers 

In this final update we recommend valuing SHEE freedoms S is for safe 100000 people communities as a microentreprenurial platform H is for health E is for engineering E is for education

in addition to smith's lenses:
archives of the economist's purpose 1843- until web took over from what paper based weekly could mediate on journey from world ruled by 7 white empiresd to inclusivity of wherever next chld is born

norman macrae's expereinces from teen on (navigator allied bomber command burma campaign; marrying diaghter of sir kenneth kemp justce who wrote up elagalese of india's indepence after 4 generations of kemps in bombay; 
from 1955 norman was playing with futire back of von neumanns' 3rd and 4th industral revolutions

from 1862 his consider asia surveys starting with japan identofied 2 ssiatinable asia rising models- 100% employed vilages (rural keyensiansim) - detasils of 60nyeras of this mdoel are main new featore of this book
supercity sme hi tech models
from 1970s keynesianism seemd to be diluted by numerlogy macroeconomist- norman prefererd future- history approack mapping bak gao humans want system designs to serve- his genere of entrepreneurial revolution mapped why designing role wherere every community sustaiand thriving luvelihhod will require sme approackes not big corporate and not big government - depeth of ai data will need this local detail if ir4 2020s models are to humanise ai op systems ; every livelihood chnages with digital world and mapping sustainable win-wins
how billion women empowerment partnership anchored bagladesh 2020-1970 offered purrst end poverty mapping 

6 dimensions march the 5 deepest sdgs and 6-17 triangularising public and private with change demands of women youth pooe going green infrastructure ai
35 collaborations link to most divided vollages lft ouut of electricity grids to leaps forward from 1996 intro of mle and solar

chris now realises he was incredibly naiive - when 50 years ago 1973 he determined to focus his ma stats from cambridge dampt to meda/research of purposeul markets
the moon landing 1960s mase it feel entering nothing impossible ra but it was decade bedor chris started first of 50 trips to asia; what had impacted sas's thinking deom a teen only imacted xhris from age 32 ... but 1982 also offered opportunity to co-author book -would 100 tiewsmore tech per decade unitepeoples in new era of collab needed for susraiability?

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