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Saturday, September 25, 2021

what would 8 billion human brains need to do between 1984 and 2025 to be sustainable

water water everywhere but not a drop to drink; paper money everywhere but not for community sustaining microfranchises;  white empires sick record: from 1843 STARVING IRISH WITH ENGLANDS CORN LAWS TO G7 2021  CORNWALL- INSTEAD OF ORGANISING 20 BILLION VACCINES BLAH BLAH ... 

09.27.2021 07:00 AMThe ‘Forever Virus’ Won't Go Away Until Kids Get Vaccinated
Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant on the Delta surge, chaos at the CDC, and why the under-12s are key to ending the pandemic

let's get back to celebrating the other 7.5 billion human beings especially the 3.75 billion under 30 who dont deserve such blind parents

please click here if you need more details on why we wrote 2025 report.com in 1984 and why we support celbrating all peoples last chance in 2023 UNsummitfuture.com 


40 years after surviving world war 2 (allied bomber command myanamr) dad the economist's norman macrae and i chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk wrote the 2025 report

we'd both worked on technology futures - a subject that father became interested in after meeting von neumann and becoming his biographer

we have never had any doubt that we humans will have enough technology to be sustainable but we also know ho fast its been multilpying  -eg moores law 100 fold each decade- eg far too fast for governments to lead sustainability policies;  

here are the 10 challenges that concerned us most in 1984 and concern us most now as more and more people begin to call glasgow cop26 humanity's best lasr chance


here are some of out latest articles at linkedin

here are some resources from 13 years of research in bangladesh- ptobably the peoples who have taken sdg challenges most seriously 

Abed videos 12MOEconomist Board video -download UN common agenda 21/21/21

2-page ER tour guide -click edu&&health

i welcome any serious correspondence on the qurstion - how can we help the younger half of the world be the first sustainability generation

here are chapters from our 1984 book

chapter contents

chapters 1 to 5 discussed what peaceful nations needed to do to help all peoples be more productive as berlin wall fell- sadly the west did not values livesmatter enough- if you want to re-read every opportunity lost ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to send you chapters 2 to 5 or discuss at www.economisteurope.com

chapter 6 fintech to end poverty

chapter 7 AI JOBS

chapter 8 AI education

chapter 9 virtual productivity ai maps

2025 report page index us 1985 printing if you need page lasered rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

chap 10 transforming government -AI


CHAP 11 bis AI health part 2

16 ai biotech

17 ai population

18 ai food

19 ai green

20 ai green part 2


21 ai drugs

22 ai mind

23 ai home

24 alien judgement - are humans safe to share intel with?

another challenge - to us sustainability means every community flourishes- see eg this video debating this with new york students in 2008

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