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Thursday, September 9, 2021

moore's last chance schools year 21/22

 if you are concerned about last chance schools years - our economistdiary (linkedin version) offers 100 sustainability summits and zooms that samples of teachers and under 30s as sustainability generation need to monitor and interconnect eg with apps!

here are opening details on why gordon moore has for many years been a top 50 pick for world record jobs teachers

#br6 gordon moore

MOORES LAW - a japanese client stimulated american intel to invent programable chips - from 1965 gordon moore promised any alumni around him or silicon valley (branded from 1972  to unite 100 times moore explorers and to live up to stanfords (CA 5th governor's) founding purpose- health of all california kids) would get chance to apply 100 times more chip power every decade until intel of machines in the 2020s when a trillion times moore would probably result in humans turning over governance of real time data platforms streaming in from every gps on earth wherever a human smart device on eg a drone one was beaming in - moore's company intel has gravitated purpose of chip production relentlessly; 

through the 2010s we have seen commercial platforms take over real time ops - eg amazon/bezos almost anything americans want to buy and delivered; facebook anything americans want to chat about- it is not at all clear when commerce data monopoly results in sustainability; many asian countries lead in blending public and commercial ai algorithms -if the worlds under 30s are to be the sustainable generation this ai platforms issue must be made transparent by 2020s- this is not a new need - neumann/moore and other exponential tech innovators alumni have debated it since 1984 at 2025report 

related to moore is john von neumann; in 12 post war years before is death his work fathered computing in ever way- by 1961twin (AI) labs of von neumann alumni were planted at stanford and mit boston - one network wgich debates where ae we in the 2020s is probably the main stimulus for the un taking up responsibility of aifoor good or ai for sustainability - transparency note my father who edited economics for good for 50 years used his first years of not writing weekly leaders to do biography of von neumann published in english and japanese 

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