schools brief 14 (1964): in this 100th year of tele mediated by Switzerland's ITU, Global Connectivity takes a giant leap for womankind with satellite telecoms. Whilst this year's use is the first live olympics globally out of Tokyo, 1962's Consider Japan's Asia Rising models can now amplify, future of work may change around telecommuting; university grads will one day open source (aiforgood networks without borders)..RSVP to help co-edit maps of last - featuring Economist worldwideweb Journeys to sustainability first published 1984; inspired by neumann survey of what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade since dad norman meeting princeton 1951

Thursday, April 14, 2022

 2025Report - Last Future History Edition

In this edition we catalogue lessons from 3 peoples lives and search for co-creators who look as if they may be applying humanity and tech innovation to massive collaborations urgently needed to prevent extinction. Of course, we welcome dialogues from different triangularisations of future history. Ultimately in a world where media has spun vast compasses of conflicting cultures, I find its simpler to do deep dive through common sense  of 3 global village contributions to humanity and tech which 5 generations of my family tree as diaspora scots can value exponential hypotheses and uniquely mapmaking. 

Their work gives us an opportunity to look at three 30 years periods of systemising human relationship exchanges (what adam smith may of called the moral sentiments of transparent market purpose)- the final two n202u5-1995 1995-1965 correspond to the era that silicon valley engineers around gordon moores law committed to deliver 100 times more teach per decade. That's a million times moore each generation of 30 years. Roughly speaking those who has most access to human and tech entrepreneurial revolution were designing 3g-5g (digital era life) 1995-1965 - structure within which nations of 8 billion people would engage global village digitalisation. 1965-1935 the era of potentially learning from world wars and exploring ahead of time where tech was taking humanity

1965-1935 transatlantic mapping

1995-1965 entrepreneurial revolution of trans asia pacific mapping

2025-1995 what global village world did elders design for millennials  be first sustainabiliy (or extinction) generation

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