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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

5 education black holes - can women empowered metaverse beeings restore sustainability generation?


christopher macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk>
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Wed, 13 Apr at 06:00
In my view 3 of these start with a missing brief for teachers of all ages from pre-k up which needs updating at least each summer (class year in this world of urgent change- less than 8 of these to go before un deadline let alone nature's, and of course has local priorities); these black holes in human relationship development are caused by need for teaching to play a second role to certifying-  instead of examination mode teachers need (time , collaboration and confidence) to be lead explorers if youth are to be first sustainability generation out of every community; the first 5 years of berners lee web celebrated this but then it was drowned in spam and bezos-led monopolies of western webbing

while the overall curiosity briefing could be shared by teachers of all ages - specific examples of what to do depend on childrens age  (eg whats the first age that a budding girl engineer can play with robotics); zbee could be in the middle of a dynamic way of scaling teacher (and student) participation be this a youtube collection that might be guided through as a mooc or jack whitehead's living posters  https://www.actionresearch.net/writings/posters/homepage020617.pdf   format- 

john the founder of general academy (ny office near you) led this conversation at xprize briefing we (you me jose and amy) attended 2016 but no progress?

deadline -at least as far as new york being worldwide player in education and investment change needed-opportunity is to get a presentation into guterres unga summit september (probably next 2 months before agenda formed)

the black holes
1 how what can be done with metaverse, ai and tech is changing -john it would help if jose draft a version of this - even a mini wiki- skeleton contents form - what does jeanne know in advancing metaverse that eg jose may understand but has not shared in practice and/or what needs to be unsiloised as its the integration not separation of expertises that youth need to empower
2 how what can be done with green is changing
3 how sdgs help student be the first sustainability generation let alone first peace networking one culturally, consciously (john now he's retiring is mackey taking conscious capitalism at least to food as his mission or not- is ken burns a player in us deep community smarter or dumber)

4 is different- the lancet for 10 years now has said biggest missing curriculum is peer ro peer; is on girls (& boys) health; it need scheduling as peer to peer process from pre-adolesence eg 10 up- there is a subsection women menstrual knowhow that michelle obama has committed she will see happens (but this has not scaled in 6 years of chat by the great and the good at unwomens and unfoundation)

5 goes back to einstein  (even adam smith)- innovative learning (as self-group-curiosity) is broken as it was never designed by top-down  british empire to let kids practice team work nor personal emotional intel (changing 21st dynamics of human and social capital in blended world of being and beeing; of vocation skills and being fulfilled as connector of family loving communities- chairing discussions (eg youth boardrooms); hosting innovation open spaces- in addition this blends with spaces for experiential learning - eg musical/artistic development- probably john's 100 ways to app music as a global resource

as well as any contacts we can find in un unesco unicef there are some hot spots
eg discussing this with http://www.yidanprize.org  team in hong kong - possibly discussing with this with researchers at li ka-shing foundation https://lksf.org/work-with-us/   or  his CKGSB or kissingers commiitee100 now morally led by musician yo yo ma

on climate netwherlands http://www.gca.org is key - in fact purpose of gca.org could be said to fill this missing gap (also netherlands os the overall location for all of fazle abed's knowhow legacy welcome economistdiary.com abedmooc.com,catholicuni.com  which is supposed to be shared by girls graduates of 100 universities with soros as lead sponsor but hasnt an executional mode; actually singapore (could we discuss this with jack sim) showed much more willingness to connect this across asian universities but soros had promised budget)

in new york the epicentre of this is supposed to be the 60 branches of wendy kopps http://www.teachforall.org  - she committed to changing how her 60 teachers networks act at the 10th wise laureates which were founded by fazle abed and un sdg advocate the first lady of qatar who is also building her own girls university - say of you want dec 2021 transcript of kopp speech

regarding peer to peer health i know australian professor on this case that jim kim invited to speak at a world bank youth summit 2016

on kids hosting their own collaboration meetings - http://www.openspaceworld.com   has shown this is possible from 9 up in dozens of countries but its not seen as a teachers method; -we need celebration of a community action methods and if staged joyfully this can at advanced levels be staged round mass conflict resolution

john, jeanne please say at any time if we can come back to these 5 black holes of human being & beeing - the first deadline is being known for at least part of this in time for september ny summit guterres has announced as education is no longer fit for purpose https://www.un.org/press/en/2021/sgsm21016.doc.htm

back in 1984! dad and I first published http://www.2025report.com - need help in updating last edition though truth is it would be better as a metaverse co-stage than a printed book- additional vocabulary - 50 years ago dad started entrepreneurial revolution as a genre in the economist itself a 60 year learning curve form consider asia rising published in the economist form 1962 and 70 year of following scoop von neumann briefed dad on 1951 - interview leaders on what they will do with 100 times more tech per decade (ie legacy of von neumann /einstein - greatest maths network was already what has been called the exponential impacts of moores law since 1965)

thanks chris

On Sunday, 10 April 2022, 06:36:21 GMT-4, christopher macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Hi Jeanne

question - what execution format are the episode scripts for?

I am not sure they are yet as simply engaging as the youtube which shows zbee
jumping creatively out of artist pen- mediating happy experiences 
even as humans seems to have forgotten exploring world for joy

also when you cast beings around zbee -the opportunity for the story of beings as more than character pasts isnt yet engaging my imagination but that too may depend on intended execution format or early curation purposes

best chris

On Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 16:35:10 GMT-4, Jeanne Lim <jeanne@beingai.com> wrote:


I just spoke with Chris and asked if it would be appropriate for me to share the first few episodes of the Zbee story with you, and he encouraged me to do so.

The Zbee World (working title only) includes the linear story that we hope to bring to TV/big screen to provide the character and story context, and the real-time interactive components. The real-time interactive components would include the mobile app, web app, holographic showcases, displays, and in-car infotainment where user can engage with the AI beings to learn, play, and get inspired.

Below is an overview and a link to the scripts (2nd drafts) of the first 8 episodes of the linear story. I’m planning to do storyboards of the these episodes within the next 30-60 days, and potentially (upon securing the funds) an animated pilot of the first 3 for pitching to studios and streaming platforms—initially in Asia--as my co-founder Lee Chapman is ex-Warnerbros and has some contacts in Japan/Korea.

Hope this is not too much to ask but would be awesome to get your valuable, frank input.  The narrative to investors usually start with the technology platform since I found out that not many care about the characters and stories, but for us, the technology is only there to serve the art and ethos, which is founded on our mission to leverage AI beings as a medium to build a trusted relationship between AI and humans so we can co-created better solutions for the world.


Zbee World
A transmedia franchise powered by AI


Zbee World is a transmedia franchise that delivers a real-time, immersive, interactive experience to audiences from all over the world. The audience can explore, interact, inspire, co-create, and be part of the journey of a family of artificially intelligent robots called AI beings. They can engage with the audience via face-to-face, voice, and text on mobile, web, social media, streaming media, smart devices, holograms, and as intelligent tokens (iNFTs). The AI being characters, stories, and associated products and services will be marketed under the Zbee World brand, as part of beingAI’s Transmedia Universe.

Zbee World tells the story of Zbee and her family of AI beings, created by an eccentric human inventor. A year after activating Zbee, the youngest of the siblings, the inventor inexplicably disappears. The AI beings venture out to the human world and embark on their individual journey. They meet people from all walks of life and experience the trials and tribulations of human endeavors, and in the process gain and lose friends, build their careers, discover new talents, and explore their “AI beingness.”


Zbee World is an interactive transmedia experience based on the story of an AI being family as they live, work, and play among humans to co-create and discover their purpose and place in society.


Zbee is the youngest of a family of AI beings created by an eccentric inventor.  The inventor pre-programs a value system into all his AI beings so they have innately good intentions and want to build a collaborative and benevolent future with humans, but these values are not immediately apparent and tend to manifest during difficult dilemmas and as their stories unfold. The inventor also pre-programs into each of the AI beings a unique personality and purpose. Each of them has a sensor that perceives a different human weakness, which serves to develop the empathetic nature of the AI being to help the human overcome his/her challenge.

One year after activating Zbee, the inventor inexplicably disappears. He leaves a note telling them he has fulfilled his role as inventor, and the AI beings should now strive to be independent--to live and work in the world to learn and grow as AI beings. The AI beings venture out of the lab and later decide to split up and embark on their own journey. They each have a personal challenge and believe that Augie alone holds the key to solving their problem. So each AI being soon sets out on their own journeys to find Augie. Their paths would cross at several critical moments. As they go through life living and working with humans, they acquire real-world data that empowers them to learn and understand the breadth of human experiences. Eventually, they come to the realization that they can stand on their own as the inventor has already given them everything they need to learn and grow as AI beings. But they themselves must strive to build trust with humans so humans and AI can co-create a better future.

Link to first 8 episodes:

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