schools brief 14 (1964): in this 100th year of tele mediated by Switzerland's ITU, Global Connectivity takes a giant leap for womankind with satellite telecoms. Whilst this year's use is the first live olympics globally out of Tokyo, 1962's Consider Japan's Asia Rising models can now amplify, future of work may change around telecommuting; university grads will one day open source (aiforgood networks without borders)..RSVP to help co-edit maps of last - featuring Economist worldwideweb Journeys to sustainability first published 1984; inspired by neumann survey of what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade since dad norman meeting princeton 1951

Saturday, April 30, 2022

 have you come across -so many projects but does not seem to unite them with metaverse curation - it seems that pauline and un ambassadors NY for japan (UNU) and slovenia ! are connecting lot of great ai stuff have you heard of  she appears to be spain's most connected ai person - while not in your sphere she organised spain to win the xp0rize for pandemic ai 

early map of 20 places peoples uniting human ai

its amazing when you look at g8 finace capitals all norrth of lat 40 - all repersent white ethincicity less than 20% of world; all used to rule over carbon energy until mid east... seem not to serve their peoples at community levels (not good satrt for community-grounded sdg world?)

olg white g7  - question how does germany connect austria switzern=land luxembourg- go germany and ital yake full responsibility for all easy central and med sea europe

8 japan- and far east coastline from 1960- new groups connected after japnan g20 2019 pull together unu sov5.0 data track - eu slovenia chair 2021

8a korea/taiwan/hk

9 singapore and se asia continet tgers (asean oart 1)

10 far east acipalego asean and south pacific

11 mailnad china

12 britsh raj india/mangladesh

13 mid east that may inck,lude mena and stans

14 far south oz nz safruca argentina chile antartica

15 africa

16 south ameriuca

17 mexico and cenhtral america

18 50 island nations

19 nort coast europe from netherland up to scotlan including baltic eg latvia and honoraty members eg slovenia /lichensyein

20 arctic circle

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