(EWa) and ED invites you to help us connect our futures alphabet A B D F G H J M S Wo U Y. At -... we are in trouble - good trouble. Its as if everything we published from 73 years of Economist surveys with von neumann whom dad met in 1951 is history. That's good news- thanks 8 billion to AI Angel visiting Washington DC on 1 March 2023 :: ...Golden Oldie flashback: schools brief 14 (1964): in this 100th year of tele mediated by Switzerland's ITU, Global Connectivity takes a giant leap for womankind with satellite telecoms. Whilst this year's use is the first live olympics globally out of Tokyo, 1962's Consider Japan's Asia Rising models can now amplify, future of work may change around telecommuting; university grads will one day open source (aiforgood networks without borders)..RSVP to help co-edit maps of last - featuring Economist worldwideweb Journeys to sustainability first published 1984; inspired by neumann survey of what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade since dad norman meeting princeton 1951

Monday, October 3, 2022

 could we linkin? - digital cooperation un became my favorite purppse sep 2016 after year 1 review of sdg4 at UN; the next day Jim Kim led connections between NY policy and ed and geneva health tech and trade- earlier that year DC was celebrated at Fazle Abed's 80th birthday party and after 16 visists by graduate journalists to assemble .............................. its been an extraordinary 6 years since  -

DC UN and everywhere youth can webfree will also be main joyful story in my family's last 2025 report - first published as sustainability's web journey with Norman Macrae & economist journalists 1984- dad had met von neumann 1951 and been told to survey what good will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade... when i search linked in for DC UN - you come top! Congrats. Whilst in DC New York my favorite monthly meeting space. Fantastic UN envoy #digitaglobal2022 with mongolia last month chris macrae whatsapp +1 240 316 8157

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