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Friday, July 1, 2022

 Hello dont know if you have time for this conversation starter - no worries if not

Back in the early 2000s I met olaf virtually on the European Union 200 nation knowledgeboard.com and Bryan virtually in Howard Rheingolds network debates including what Bryan meant in coining word MOOC!

The EU had declared it would be the world's leading knowledege society.Kboard assembled content mainly supplied by 10 volunteer editors of special interest subnetworks

Olaf who is lead technologist at rabobank moderated knowhow for NGOS out of Netherlands; From 10 years at Price Waterhose, I was interested in intellectual capital and auditing trust but the only sig vacancy was emotional intelligence which turned out to be perfect for me to explore human and artificial intel's emerging conflicts with permission to Q&A anyone After 3 years we found that for whatever Luxembourg reasoning kboard was primarily designed around replacing human workers with tech - and notably i was fired for saying thats not what my contributor networks (2nd largest after olaf's) were interested in. Actually by now I had been to EU headquarters 4 times  and 4 other summits hosted out of Finland, Berlin, Luxembourg & Barcelona- if relevant have lot of stories of wars between bureacrats and humans are spun by Brussels top.. Back to https://rheingold.com/ -   one of san franciscos elders of how humanly can we make community building tech. And Bryan knows better than I but the 2000s dynnamic Howard gravitated multiplied much deeper/ honest interactive  brainpower than kboard even though I imagine kboard was 10-100 times more resourced. I actually consulted on one professional project of Rheingolds - the attempt to design a dotcom space for any and every future professional association. All of this was being done with what I now realise was the end of web1 tech where people linked in through personal computers even if they had started mobile telecoms. If we leap forward to today , i have never seen a more exciting professional association model than that Vriti has founded. Its in web3 both how it communicates, how st8udents and teachers futures are morphing and how it funds ed3 nft. So i was wondering if we have questions for each other and linking Vriti in particular. Actually as a European I am terrified by what old govs are doing there. I am trying to celebrate guterres un2.0 with any european who will chat with me. The netherlands is absolutely the smartest place for applying 50 years of end poverty networking by women; geneva is the un;s open tech hub since 1945 due to ITU. As for what sustainability else to map out of west I dont know but aim to publish my last book in  Economist's and Von Neumann's 2025Report genre  next year -very raw refs for this being co-edited at  www.edunomist.com If you ever pass through Flatiron district NY please say as thats where 2025's main creative studio breathes.

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