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Sunday, February 20, 2022

 to leaders of world's largest school 

-hope everyone's well-  a bit of a strange stream of questions- by which i mean far away from literacy revolution of

 yesterday i was talking to a graduate engineer- he is in one of mit's innovation labs; he's also originally from india; as a matter of priority in 2022 i have many reasons (eg helping von neumann family with a survey on which tech people around the world are most helping youth and sdgs) for trying to connect MIT people but my question is there someone in you team interested in how your alumni make connections with engineers as some lucknow graduates go into engineering; if so is this a person i should be trying to introduce to my mit friend; oddly there is one connection with play schools; the product this lab aims to launch globally is an infant friendly battery- apparently a few infants die every year from swallowing batteries; this lab's toy battery is apparently harmless; it seems my daughter's career will be in young childrens schools ; so although this is not yet ready for launch I am interested to keep track of where all this goes as well as engineers with tech for schools of infants up; ;ironically this engineer was born in chennai;

 so far our  vice president kamala doesnt seem to have done anything for india ; the way dc politics is spinning i have a feeling she may never get the chance to improve india-usa relations though would like to know if that changes; we are in a world that seems to have lost all peace maps ... i understand these issues are far away from marketing/scaling literacy  through every community----  my impression is that of all your priorities yidan is not in the top stream at the moment- I am struggling to keep as close to it as I would like because the politics around succession to fazle abed seems to have caused all sorts of silos in relation to their top partners of which yidan is just one example- however there are some new to me research areas of yidan at -

 if you are talking to vicky colbert again - i have 2 questions- are these or other yidan interest areas ones she is working on and if so can you team connect? is vicky able to introduce us to someone near the top of wendy kopps team teach for all - everything that wise qatar once went to fazle abed to first now goes to wendy kopp and her speech in december where she has said all 60 national branches of teach for will try and change education at the same time away from examining and towards skills experiential learning


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