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Monday, February 14, 2022

 Hi when i talked to richard inter alia he wanted to invest in developing world's newly emerging stockmarkets; and when I talked to tracy at university of toronto as well as what is the maths of esg next about  we wondered what ai von neumann would celebrate today if he's around;  I expect you have some better future shocking ideas than I have but one I do want to see happen is a sportscoin representing what asian women superstars eg naomi osaka & eileen gu, chloe kim ... most want to community build; I think we are talking about a market whose initial worth is at least 100 billion dollars and whose star owners should not sell more than 20% of their coin; I have studied for a long time now why the sdgs wont leap forwards without linking in the purposes of asian women superstars where different from eg the awful way american coins are going into sports gambling - so so you know anyone who does the launches of 100 million dollar markets and who may trust that asian women superstars collaborative sustainability community vision is timely to agent   (ps while I realise jack ma is out of it at the moment he had 12 golden month- a lot of canadians turned up at hangzhou g20 2016 and at toronto gateway 2017; at the same time he launched damo ai and put billions into sponsoring  8 years of olympics - the good news is he has some brilliant ai researchers embedded in the national institute of health and I expect elsewhere but need help checking that)

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