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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

valuetrue: Which 7 public goods do you purpose

By the time my dad was 50 we co-authored a book valuing these 7 PUBLIC GOODS purposes integral to sustainability of 21st C youth : 

  1. finance 
  2. food 
  3. healtrh 
  4. education 
  5. 100%lives-matter community, - those five are famous today as the primary sustainability goals of the UN 
  6.  true media and open space,

purpose 7 goes under many names eg UN2.0 or futureoflife.org - humanising artificial intelligence or integrating 4 industrial revolutions with subsistence's moral system up to 1758: adam smith), uniting peoples peacefully and joyfully, hippocrtaic professions and real maths/science. My fathers reasons for this truth of market purspoe list goes back to his understanding by the age of 32 of fivre grnerations on both sides of his diaspora scot family tree as well as the economist's first 120 years as well as mediation with Japan who had been his teenage enemy in world war 2.

By the age of 32 my father norman macrae had observed 6 world changing theatres of human endeavor

1) he was home schooled  from birth in 1923 min british embassies by diaspora scot family -root cause of world wars were wat were becoming the 7 big white empires of which the case of Great Britain's posed Scots particular interest in mediating ahead of time as both scotland (scots like to joke only our peoples could be so stupid as to go bankrupt (so hostile takeover by London) by trying to build the paname canal 50 years before we invented engines) and ireland were internal colonies of London; you can read adam smith as doing the last moral systems review of markets before the age of man and engines and thanks to glasgow university co-worker james watt invention of steam engine the first author of morality of world trade systems in age of industrial revolution

2) since his father was working in british embassy in moscow up to 1936,  dad realised with horror that one of 2 mad men hitler or stalin would be a winner of world war 2 with access to nuclear tech- and that humanity (especially the whole of white banking, and english speaking acadmics) would need to outlast that madman even as attempts were made to unite nations and peace

3) father spent his last days as teen preparing tio serve as navigator aloi8ed bomber command burma campaign - this left him with google maps in his head of east-west a generation ahead of any other mediator (in particular ne of burma is continent of china and hq of japan his enemy in the war; south east is asean; west is the bay of bengal were the bengalese were the home front to the whole of indisn subcontient) this was further multiplied by marrying daughter of sir kenneth kemp - the scot charged with mediating gandhi for quarter of a centiry; sir ken's l;ast jobs was to write up the lgalese of indepenence of the quarter of the world on inmdia subcontiemt -whilst both orwell and kiplimg have writtent eloquemnt works from being in burma, my fathers down time between sorties was spent redaing adma smith

4) survivimng world war 2 , norman was in last class to be tutored ny keynes and then spent his working life at teh economist founded by scot james wilson 1843 to help queen victoria chnag eteh english constitution from slavemaking empire to commonwealth

4) norman was the only journalists at messina birth of the EU - he got to know moment and eu founding fathers well

5 norman met von neumann was to become both his informal and official biographer; in the exconomist5 informally he rehearsed with audiences what industrial revolution 3, 4 possibilities would be of 100 time more tech compounding every decade from 1955; that was norman's fists 32 yeras that was; it wasnt until 1962 jis 15th yera at the economist that he was permitted to sign one annual survey

1960s future of nations as if their peoples livelihood/sustainability matttered - see countries surveyed eg japan russia latim america south africa.. as well as Europe, USAat normanmacrae.net

approved by JF Kennedy was  1960s norman's unique identification mapping 2 asia rising models: 1) supervillage production, 2) tech supercity win-win trading - - empow4ering half the world to escape from the poverty that mainly british empire and the world's worst corporation east india company had spiraled

from the 1970s father preferred to adopt keynes moniker of future historian - questioning when would tech Computer networks, satellite coms, mobile personal devices) transform 

5=dimensional sustaiability of communities and SME entrepreneurail networking 

1 finance

2 food distribution rural locally as well worldwide value chains via growth of cities and across free market ( maritime win-wins instead of win-loses)

3 last mile health

4 education

5 communities to 100% value livelihoods independent of sex, skin colour and in line with nature's resiliency challenges

I first co-authored 2025 with father in 1984 - it built on all dads experiences and questioned what exponential timelines and entrepreneurial revolions would be needed when if millennials were to be the first sdg generation

firstly why did the world fail to accept scenation sdg1 - by 2000 humans everywhere need to accep0t that mans greatest risk is tyhediscrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations 

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