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Saturday, March 12, 2022

40th annual update of 2025 report for human development class of 2022-2023: :we have the tech but do we have the human courage to distribute through every GPS where a next child is born? revp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

www.Teachforsdgs.com  1 2 3 4 catalogues main surveys on entrepreneurial revolution and sustainable futures opportunities of peoples published by Norman Macrae. Dad had spent his last days as a teenager navigator in allied bomber command Burma Campaign. You could say he had google maps in his head a generation ahead of other journalists. How could the 4 hemispheres naturally fit together to develop all peoples the way Adam Smith had hoped? but which the Britannia's Empire had mispurposed until 1843 when The Economist’s founder James Wilson and Queen Victoria tried too late to change. Their search for commonwealth was too slow/late to prevent world wars but did von neumann's alumni  post-industrial revolution "digital engineering"  give humans three last quarters of a century to transform sustainably around ending poverty
Can you help resolve 20 of 21 extinction crises by 2025? (the 21st crisis is putin and the eurocrats who have feed each other's loneliness and lack of human empathy - that Europe could spawn a third in line to Hitler & Stalin should scare every parent into collaborative action now
let's see if we the other 8 billion beings can fix the simpler crises - we describe 10 in worldwide terms and 10 in terms of the miraculous gift of billion poorest village women to our human race over last half century
last chance maths algorithms micro enough - see einstein about pseudo male science.1.0 design microfranchise for 100000 person livesmatter community start with health & food .change gov minimise aid maximise local microfranchising.non linear skills training education.map deep data by hand of 1000000 relationships before designing alogoeithms.celebrate local adaptation- share borderless green smart villages clarify climate quads  - rg arctic circle quad will need unique green finaning....
AI hall of Fame- metaverse last chance to me-too platforms. .2.1 digitalise nation's wholesale supplies of microfranchises.cashless banking models.maximise locality of playschools to age 6- share worldwide models eg end illiteracy 90 dayseveryone student & teacher- explore missing curriculum eg teachers quiz ai for eahc grade..free everyone with equal mimimum of digital and within 30 days ot traom/boat transporting.connect all girls university grads who want to collaborate on generation's sdg so9lutions....

Join 50 year entrepreneurial revolution dialogue started in The Economist- for millennials to be sustainable generation we will need bottom up networks to mediate what big gov or corporate purpose- this is only way we will get billion new community jobs as well as change towards billion of jobs of environment (aka green) and of e- (aka digital). Big orgs are worst design possible for valuing change of 100 times more tech and depth of diversity that community sustaining models need to map

ABEDmooc.com chrismacrae.com GAMES worldrecordjobs.com 52 cards play SDG GEN? ecop26.com UNI BRACollab value youth green explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26- 2025report.com xglasgow.com worldrecordjobs.com adamsmith.app
Class of 2008-2009 bring Europe's Collab Cafe to USA -thanks to Bronx tv & Lehman U Campus where UN in NY was born
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Giant Leap : world of collab  - NY  & womensverse.net asks who's where's how's : helping youth's sustainability - dc geneva olympics22 Sg - x vN Net Bang SV Ja Gla .IS HK sea -correction last 2025 report (book)published 1993 Sweden's New Vikings=den nye vikingen - (from this time dad's last books were biographies of von neumann who at Princeton 1951 had given him journalist scoop to use at The Economisr: what will leader do with 100 times more tech per decade - what will 30 yera inter-generational leaders invest in back for future of million times more tech (see alsoe moores law from 1965) _Q&A welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk LC-IN - first post covid collab cafe festival ny march 23-31

In 1984 dad from the economist and I catalogued 21 sustainability crises for 21st c in www.2025report.com - i welcome help in editing final edition- as since 1939 one crisis is way beyond any ability i have to chat round

crisis 21 what to do when one man is so lonely that he threatens nuclear meltdown unless he's in control of anywhere\'s peoples (in 1984 resources on this chaps 1-5 at 2025report)

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there are many ways to arrange a catalogue but i have tried to summarise 10 crises we -parents and children of mother earth - can all connect; and 10 more related to can the UN support the eighth of the world's crisis solution caused by being poorest youngest and female (in other words the people most left out of access to machines since glasgow started the games of humans and machines in 1760s and adam smith hoped market purposes would be audited by moral intel)

global poorest youngest female eighth

health1 ai prevents plagues 11 basic last mile to raise life expectancy from 20 below par

green 2 go zero footprint 12 adapt from least energy to smartest facing extreme nature

change ed 3 eg sdg-uni collab 13 change ed how you design preschool and so community

ESG 4 change fin global order 14 ESG integrate local 100000 women empowered villages

womensverse.net 5 & 15 - last chance redesign fake media (converge millennials universityofstars.com)

4 hemisphere AI Hall of fame 6 from NW 16 from ES

food security (production & supply) distribution 7 & 17: rich world lessen 25% cause emissions poor world food security

sme entrepreneur supply chain infrastructures 8 & 18

9 &19 leap ahead 20 years late in mediating biggest risk compounded by history of dominating men = borderising poverty, next babes life chances

10&20 anything else intergeenationl investment in emotional intel eg multipliers of love happiness courage hope not hate depression fear madness...

Thursday, March 3, 2022

 map 30 greatest collabs of last 50 years appliked by quarter of worlds humans to end rural poverty




last mile health distribution basic meds


100000 person lives matter community building

replace gov of aid by maximisng microfanchising