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Sunday, December 26, 2021

proposal last edition 2025 report -1984 can we humanise AI ?

 I am trying to update 2 books/sources mainly my father norman macrae at the economist and I first assembled 40 years ago - biography of von neumann and 2025report (40 year debate on would we humanise ai in time)

2 main opportunities evolved after my father's death in 2010: most of his library went to adam smith scholars in glasgow where they formed 2 new journals on morality of 21st c systems mapping; and the japan ambassador to bangladesh introduced me to sir fazle abed as arguably the greatest sdg entrepreneur of 1970-2020

when I use the word AI, i mean convergence of all tech from 1945 especially round alumni of eg von neumann including the twin ai labs stanford/mit - which arguably has multiplied at 100 fold per decade; that was always going to be a worldwide system change which would put human race on verge of 2 alternatives one of them being extinction I spent most of 2010s on sherp-aing young journalists on 20 trips to asia mainly bangladesh as I wanted to understand 50 years of work on women empowerment by fazle abed of brac which has also included some deep fintech solutions ; abed had a plan to unite 100 asian universities graduates on sdg projects fusing ai and deep community data which has sort of stopped with his death in 20 dec 2019

I am trying to catch up with ai as westerners with the most funds influence and shape it but celebrating where it can help the younger half of the world be the first sustainability generation

would you have any comments on this survey which will be fast changing in the 100 it converges around
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