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Sunday, February 27, 2022

1945 why GBR could not fix any of humanity needs

Germany Britain and Russia as Europe's 3 big forces at start of world war 2-  2 of these Germany & Russia were led by madmen stalin & hitler with sad consequence that one woudldwin

the battle of britain whilst helping save europe bankruoted the pound so after 1945 whilst almost half of the world's people needed to be free/independence from the world trade barriers british empire compounded - Britain had almost no financial support to offer - independence often mean transfering top down bureaucracy surrounded by bordered off enemies which the british empitre had divided and conquered

EconomistFood.com Borlaug Alumni the world over shared up to 10 times more food productivity at village levels

Deming showed how to design better industrial engines
...hello could we connect - we both know have mutual ny connections on linkedin- i am doing a survey on the future of ai with von neumann's family - fintech experts in ny seem to me to be critical - my dad norman at the economist met neumann in 1951 and was mentored to ask leaders what will you do with 100 times more tech per decade..
- TeachforSDGs.com whilst the Japan and far east started valuing this higher quality model America and Britain did not

EconomistAI.com The big opportunity - was new engineering with alumni of von neumann promising 100 times more tech as my father journalist for The Economist was taught by Neumann Princeton 1951 -although Kennedy welcomed the idea that USA Canada Japan Asia could develop Rising models of two third humans (Asians) with his assassination in 1963 that chance was lost

What started in Messina in 1955 also soon lost humanity's best chnace - amazignly Luxemboiurg Italy France EU failed to integrate med sea and south east of Europe - by 1962 the common European Farming Policy together with the North sea bias had reverted to compounding the G* Empire problems instead of the UN opportunities needed  to value the 75% of people who up to 1945 had been colonised (or genopcided or slaved) by the way White Europe traded the world from 1500 accelerated by engines from 1760


Monday, February 21, 2022

 hi could we linkin- your lunchclub bio fascinating ;  father's 40 years work at the economist youthmarkets.com 3-in-1 map -asia risng (eg sustainability world order across 2/3 of people who are asian) end poverty; tech dad met neumann in 1951 - currently piloting ai hall fo fame with neumamm family https://lunchclub.com/member/0fb57f6908f3

 Dear Professor Chen

I wondered if you could give me some advice on whom and how to contact someone like Malloch Brown or Greg Chen or Shameran Abed or anyone concerned with Fazle Abed's biggest idea connecting his life's work and higher education

Soon after my father Norman Macrae died in 2010 the Japan Ambassador to Bangladesh invited me to 2 brainstorming dinners with Fazle Abed. There he told us of his legacy intent to connect brac university with 100 graduate-female scholars networks of sustainability goals generation . I went to Bangladesh 15 times to help file notes blogged at  http://www.abedmooc.com 

For many reasons - from covid to how Abed's illness accelerated before he could fully brief the new vice chancellor he had chosen, to barriers raised across Asia by Trump etc - the University collaboration idea (and other tech partnerships like that with alipay) are off path even as they remain the most scalable chance for under 35s to leap ahead and support Guterres Summit Future 2023. 

On the tech side I am now helping coordinate research for an AI Hall of SDG fame with Von Neumann's family - my dad became his first biographer and this month 30 years later a new Neumann bio is out. I have footnoted a bit more context on how father was The Economist's 3ed half century sub-editor of end Asian poverty (that being what founder and Adam Smith alumni James Wilson started 1843-60)

Sincerely Chris Macrae
Washington DC Region  +1 240 316 8157
Footnote on Norman Macrae

My father was The Economist's end poverty sub-editor. He came to this in a peculiar way. During his 5th year at The Economist he was seconded to New York where he met von Neumann who gave him the biggest journalistic scoop- examine leaders: what will do a decade ahead with 100 times more technology (Neumann's version of Moores Law) or if they are aiming to impact next generations a million times more tech over 30 years. So dad started applying this eg at Messina where he was the only journalist at birth of EU or in Tokyo -from 1962 he was allowed one signed survey a year and started with his old war ti,e enemy (having served as navigator allied bomber command - Burma). Dad had google maps of east-west in his head a generation ahead of others. And he married the daughter of Sir Kenneth Kemp - 4 generations of Scots who lived in Bombay starting up the first pharmacy kemp's corner ; sir Ken was Bombay chief justice- his last job writing up legalese for India's Independence


Sunday, February 20, 2022

 can we connect? - my friends include ny founder of www.musicforsdgs.com naila of www.women4empowerment.org and jeanne lim www.beingai.com who's visiting usa next month- hopeful this links your inspiring work - chris macrae www.youthmarkets.com  www.womensverse.net www.abedmooc.com

 to leaders of world's largest school 

-hope everyone's well-  a bit of a strange stream of questions- by which i mean far away from literacy revolution of www.globaldream.guru

 yesterday i was talking to a graduate engineer- he is in one of mit's innovation labs; he's also originally from india; as a matter of priority in 2022 i have many reasons (eg helping von neumann family with a survey on which tech people around the world are most helping youth and sdgs) for trying to connect MIT people but my question is there someone in you team interested in how your alumni make connections with engineers as some lucknow graduates go into engineering; if so is this a person i should be trying to introduce to my mit friend; oddly there is one connection with play schools; the product this lab aims to launch globally is an infant friendly battery- apparently a few infants die every year from swallowing batteries; this lab's toy battery is apparently harmless; it seems my daughter's career will be in young childrens schools ; so although this is not yet ready for launch I am interested to keep track of where all this goes as well as engineers with tech for schools of infants up; ;ironically this engineer was born in chennai;

 so far our  vice president kamala doesnt seem to have done anything for india ; the way dc politics is spinning i have a feeling she may never get the chance to improve india-usa relations though would like to know if that changes; we are in a world that seems to have lost all peace maps ... i understand these issues are far away from marketing/scaling literacy  through every community----  my impression is that of all your priorities yidan is not in the top stream at the moment- I am struggling to keep as close to it as I would like because the politics around succession to fazle abed seems to have caused all sorts of silos in relation to their top partners of which yidan is just one example- however there are some new to me research areas of yidan at https://yidanprize.org/resource-center/knowledge-hub/are-we-ready-for-a-leap-forward-in-education/ -

 if you are talking to vicky colbert again - i have 2 questions- are these or other yidan interest areas ones she is working on and if so can you team connect? is vicky able to introduce us to someone near the top of wendy kopps team teach for all - everything that wise qatar once went to fazle abed to first now goes to wendy kopp and her speech in december where she has said all 60 national branches of teach for will try and change education at the same time away from examining and towards skills experiential learning