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Sunday, January 30, 2022

 hello  connect ??- i'd like to start a chat with you & robert haddock; my father norman at the economist was also biographer of von neumann- with a new bio out for first time in 20 years- want to help von neumann family develop hall of fame of ai for esg and sgd chris wash dc www.teachforsdgs.com

Saturday, January 29, 2022

 hello Rose - i was talking at lunchclub to sean kelly and looking at our common connectiosn I realised you and hadnt chatted much in spite of having 11 mutual connections many of whom inspire me- I have 3 sorts of questions: 1 starting with my father at the economist for over 60 years now one of my family's favorite debates: what will be consequence of all this tech- father was lucky to meet von neumann; became quizmaster of his legacy at the economist and biograhpher; now for first time in 20 years there is new bio - man from the future; I think von neumanns family would love to see a survey of whos most using tech to help millennials be the sdg generation; on that subject I was lucky to visit bangladesh 15 times to interrview fazle abed on empowering billion village women www.abedmooc.com - he died dec 2019 and I am trying to make sure his top 30 solution networks continue; while i8 live in dc I see new york as most critical city over next 2 years on UN sdgs , ESG, fintech - do you or friends have suggestions for new york map worthy of sending to von neumann family? conversely love to hear your questions- whether similar or different. Fundamentally i see usa as being in an education crisis - not helping youth experientially learn much of what they lives/livelihoods need to celebrate.. Are there some of our mutual connections most active around you?

Sunday, January 16, 2022

searching where un and multilateral asia are located -60 years behind the times?

 mapping 2020s world order: i find it very hard to understand locations of multilateral instiutions in asia - two thirds of worlds people

take the UN - is thailand really the pivotal nation to map asia's sustainability from - dont get me wrong working with unilever across Asia in 1980s and 1990s after japan (huge market), indonesia (the nearest to home of an anglo dutch multinational) thailand was a pivotal place ; it was also where I first learnt how much a capital city like bangkok could change - when i first went ther4e around 1985 you could take a taxi tour of the city if you had a day off; a decade later you would be sitting in 3 hour traffic jam if you made mistake to travel by car inrush hour; and if you tried to walk thge mix of humidity and smog was impossible (I suffee slightly from asthma)

It seems to me that the asian development bank is a hugely important institution bhut just as thailand is a puzzling world centre for un; philippines is quite a puzzle for epicentre of asian development ; I understand too that the worlds epicentre of rice ends starvation irri is in phillippines too (probaly harking back to its starting up by foird & rocekefeller foundatiosn)

collaboration curriculum of rice is one of 30 most important to map regarding billion asian women's development of asia see www.abedmooc.com search 2.1 for rice and 2.2 to 2.6 for sdg 2 impacts of other food/agricultural markets

I guess the locations of all tehse instituites refelcts a world view up to 1960 but 99% of asian dynamics has chnaged since then??


Saturday, January 15, 2022

 Spencer thank you for contacting me. I had a look at https://compasspointcap.com/ Interesting. 30 years ago i wanted to change how ceos did purposeful branding and I started to realise I learnt much more from benchmarking place branding where maximising community engagement when its done collaboratively for all communities than even market sectors I had previously  spent my life researching. So first could you share some places you are working on most. I have copied 3 people who likely know more than i do on emotionally intelligent place building including our two joint contacts; carrie and I started occasionally meeting as both of us from 2008 have spent a lot of time understanding how women built bangladesh.  When Muhammad Yunus lost much of his work in Bangladesh due to politics, atlanta and georgia asked him to make their communities his number 1 residence abroad. 5 years of connections round this 2009-2014 didnt quite come together- ultimately yunus who had been supported by king family, ted turner family, jimmy carter family, and a lot of green friends eg astronaut ron garan got in conflict with the mayor of atlanta and thurgood marshall fund. I only partly know why but by that time strongly believed in many georgia and alabama students but had no direct ways forward. I see that colin continues that. Meanwhile while I only came to know of rebeccas work out of plymouth MA a month ago- i find she has done more than 100 zooms with emotionally intelligent community builders. Can we chat a bit to understand your projects and see if theer are any immediate wi-wins. At the moment all over the world where i learn something i try and find a twin knowledge community in new york. I am just a diaspora scot liviing in washington Dc region by accident. I dont see either political party as helping end covid, repair nature, sort out education crises i have deeply mapped including 4 outstanding asian education summits in december all 4 of which have now reached america -see footnote . In fact thats why i want communities of people to massively support the under 35s be the sustainable generation. I dont know if my apolitical view helps of hinders vis a vis what you all can uniquely progress.

Education summits:

wise qatar sdg advocate sheika mosa made new yorker wendy kopp its 10th laureates - nearly 30 years ago she started teach for america as a teachers corps // peace corps- why not spend first 2 years after graduating tackling deep education challenges before going into the system. she has extended that to 60 countries -and her 20020s vision is to get teachers everywhere going beyond examining and helping empower talents; helping anything connecting with her is an absolute priority for me now that my main mentor sir fazle abed has gone. Scot gordon brown reunited every part of the Un that has anything to do with education at www.rewired2021.com in dubai during the knowledge week of the uae expo. On eof hong kong's riches ment who made his money as co-founder of tencent has established the yidan prize. While its focus areas are africa and asia , he's linked in experts from stanford and harvrad and oxbridge in ways I have never seen before. Varkey's million doilar teacher prize was awarded this year to a black american teaxher in maryland. Spencer I am a liittle bit confused are you in new york or florida. By coincidence i recently met a carribean american graduate of Georgetown who operates estate-place projects out of brooklyn and miami. celebrating graduates of community engagement is what soros announced as his refocus at weforum 2020 starting with his central european uni moved to vienna and new york states only university led by a musician as well as tufts boston-- my father did the biography of budapest's other most famous son von neumann - with a second book out on futures neumann alumni are pivotal to- its time to integrate tech wizards and emotionally intelligent community builders  and millennials imo. Finally I have a lot of adam smith scholar friends in Glasgow if that's anyone's cup of tea.

Friday, January 14, 2022

jots of week

 hi came across your bio lunchclub    1   2 - regarding wellness and move to ny - have 2 linkedin ny finance friends interested in wellness - say if i can intro you -who at lse your favorite? dad www.normanmacrae.net worked at economist all his life - often shared taxi with people like lord stern


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as lunchclub paraded 20 people in front of me today wondered about this lady Would you like to meet someone like Ins Hermida? Profile Picture Hermida Inés is an entrepreneur and consultant, former founder of Macacha first UK plant protein brand. She is the former Head of Health & Wellness at Whole Foods UK.- jogged my memory both bezos and mackey retiring this year; in bezos case i thinks he's mainly in dc but hidden; in mackey's case I live 2 minutes from his most profitable regional outlet of whole foods; anyone got an idea of what they are doing next with their lives; by the way i used to love danone emmanuel faber but he got sidelined recent6ly before leaving he had started investing in ai of plant based foods -it seems like a vital area goal 2- also john - kiehl at new york soundtrack done voiceovers for 2 mackey documentaries on food https://www.linkedin.com/in/in%C3%A9s-hermida-4624b616/

could we linkin - helped my father normanmacrae.net an economist subeditor do biography of john von neumann - while my life at cambridge damtp now 50 years away fascinated by what polymaths can sustain or destroy in next few years, have some lunchclub freinds in ny finance etc who might win-win