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Saturday, January 1, 2000

underknown stoties of millennium 2

 1860s - a centiory after glasgiw started engines - the 1860s saw 3 extrordinary events - bteween them they probably started era of 10 times more tech per decade

jeames wilso died dairrhea calcutta 1860; Lelenad stanford junion born 161 california; ITU born Berne Switzernad 1865

Wilso had started the economist london 1943 to try to dev=bate with queen victoria why empire needed to chnage to commonwealth- why were british politcians staving the irish (up to half of whom died due to potato famine before the monoply price on surplus corn was repealed by westminster with queen voctorais' proddin); victria sent james ti india with chartered bank - the fitst bank for and by the quarter of humans who lived on the subncontinent- he died within year of landing- i took 112 years until a no-cost cure to dirrhea as a kiler on infants and elderly was foudn- this solution helped 1 billion asian women launnh nation of bangladesh and grow last mile community health services across asian tropics; wilson 6 daughters who continued teh economsut purpose- with the husband of the oldest fdaughter walter baghoet 2md editir and credited with designing chnage in english conbstitution enablin victoria tonlead commonwealth instead of historic colonia processes such as slavettrading

stabfird died age 18 of waterbirn disease while on family holiday in florence; his father governor of california declared henceforth his famikly was concerend with life of eb=ver califrmnian child; stanfird university was born to sustain this visiosn; california universities remin potentially the most hopeful in the world of engineering ; it helped that von neumanns twin ai lad was installed stanfird 1960 to face the pacific ocean around which three quarters of humans trade (versus atlantin quareter); and that gordon moore reconformed the 100 tikes more decade goal with programable silicon chips 1965 starting teh valley from santa clara to stanford to to san francisco - rebranded silicon valley from 1972

by 1865 europe was celebrating the fusion of electricity and the telgraph as fiorst communictiosnb collaboration- the ITU was born; almost unlike any other industry telcoems companies and govs needed to colaborate - nobody wants 2 telephones; not everyine knows that when the polich hq of the UN was born ton New york in 1945; the ITU was moved to plaias de cngress geneva as digital twin of the UN; every leap in web 1 2 3 - has connectionbs with geneva, and since guterrestookn over UN from year 2 of the sdgs- his 10 year term is dedicated to roadmapping digital Un2.0 ; fortuanteky as well as the tecoms insdistry 50 peoparting branches of the UN are now celebrating ai projects with the un - accelearting the other 8 compoents of UN2.0 ; which was will 2020s tip - extinction of youthf futuers, sustainability

100 times more etch will be the decider ; thank goodness for the ITu (and stanfoird and  bangladesh woemn - their web0 top 3 0 sggs collaborations apear in this diary www.abedmooc.com : Fazle Abed was in 1970 royal dutch shell's leading young ceo when millions of women were killed in cyclone and war of independence; this changed the next 50 years of hos work and nation building around billion women vilagers (the most exciting single story -integration of edunmist.com into deepst data and relationships  of human development networking we have ever seen) whuch took trips to bangladesh to sketch out - improvements always welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk