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Saturday, January 31, 1970

 Dear Jeanne & John - Have made 5 + 1 new connections. Two in NY could likely meet at Flatiron if suiting John's diary- all might be zoomable individually. If someone stands out please say ... 1 does real estate mainly to the west of john- he's interested in artists and implied he knew about westside spaces google has invested in to support art-tech -coincidentally yesterday at education summit the vc of temple university warned that google has training modules that will destroy business models of many universities if they fail to match googles credential value ; the second is an unique female theatrical producer who actually makes her money as one of the leaders of this new coaches school ; the third I met in london 20+ years ago- her organisation leadersquest takes ceos to countries on other side of world to experience best of kind development projects and somehow gets one or 2 graduates sponsored in each ceo quest; she has just announced moving to be a director at ted HQ in NY whilst handing over quest to her number 2; the other 2 are not iin new york - really personable singapore lady who after many years in fintech has moved as a rhodes scholar to teach chinese to a small college in florida whose lead graduates do ujique stuff with marine life ( i think if desired we could ask her to help connect various key people in singapore though maybe jeanne already has all the contacts she needs); the 5th person is the other andrew ng he has sponsored investment in people like these - for some reason he is asking me what I am doing but will probably lose interest when its clear that I dont have a separate start up model; plus 1 is the ny leader of - she has previously said until her 3 day conference end of next week is over she has no time for anything; I have started to realise that while her dao has room for up to 6000 radical teachers- her own funding model is credentials for about 5 crypto curriculum; so its a puzzle going forward ... she probably has knowhow if eg john wnated to do nft maths or nft music artists but she's very deeply into making relationsips with ny crypto which seems to have so many moving supply chain parts that I am getting giddy!

Saturday, January 10, 1970

 Economist's 1 2 survey of twin Asia Rising models of linking in village rural Keynesianism and superport win-win trading routes (Japan Korea South Taiwan HK Singapore ... maps which it took JFKennedy less than 7 days to endorse

good to see the opening plenary of ecop26 starring a young kenyan female alumni of Wangaari as well as Banker for Poor's forestry Prince Charles 

historically related:  speech prince charles & princess Di japan tour 1986


..Sustainability's future - The Economist 1972
BRAC annual reports

Thursday, January 1, 1970 hello is there one bookmark that I can read to understand what in 2023 are your most urgent action priorities and cooperations with under 30s - all hell is going on in washington dc and while i try and share the issues as making or breaking millennials lives I haven't seen a usable update since covid and when deep local groups eg turkey form to discuss tech your alumni dont seem to have space to join in  - Please register here:

these are 2 examples of what I am struggling with now i have over 20 years of being horrified by living in washington dc next to the national institutes of health - as well as having studied every relevant change education debate hosted by un guterres (i've been at them at hq and geneva- i know who the 15 people most helping guterres change education)   regarding the 2 events above, sadly the first is in person only FC but depends ultimately if any of you re fans of fei-fei li- her work is taking actions so that all ai values are human values ; and ever biggest us tech company has tried to headhunt to be met with the response i'll help you're open projects but thanks very much my core workers are stanford and other students  - the second now happens about quarterly -including next week - uniting different regions - can be zoomed in from anywhere and had great space for connecting delegates- its run by an irishman in brussels who is staging science summits so that youth can leap ahead with or without politics and understanding whats up for  last chance reconciliation  =chris 73rd year of von neumann ai survey