Thursday, December 31, 1970

.2023 so much work to do- almost all at community level; what's problem - education bot fit fur purpose- if i8t was graduates who wanted to build community would not be out in debt; new universities share grdautes replicating transferavlke communi8ty solutionspoorest billion women developed 3 yeey solution -15 years ago : 5.4 new university design solution 50 million graduares can share to replicate sdg solution across all communities with deep analogous crisis. (response to demand share solutions workldwide)25 years ago started 5.5 upgraded 2.3 global village adaptation green solutions billion women empowereed - leapfrog partners first apps mobile and solar.1.1 45 years ago changed aid- designing microfranchises 100000 lives matter meta-villages with 4.1 lifelong adult skills training locally...
..4,6 luminaries - everyone in education way to chnage western educarion - eg nissing curricula ai for all ages - so teachers and studdcnts question agead of time..2.1  2.2 food security microfanchising...
..5.6 zoom me yp scotty and metaverse for solitions - ways to catch up now west for firts time due to covud reviewing every dynamoic ob online and offeline learning (which got lost from 1995 due to comerce take over of western www and onkly 1 charity expimenting with chnaging teacxching)35-45 years ago .billion women direct cash transder 3.1 oral rehy and 3.3 vaccination- far east parnerships with un james grant.3.2 micrfranchise doordash basic meds  led to 1.2 m,f+=banking for mincrofran - then ultra c ity bank and bkash...
.paer 2 why didnt quite use 100 times more tecgh -50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s
compare this with known chalkenges 1945
and esg challenges now 
.oberall known since 1972 we needed bottom up pop pyp pwp not top dopwb nodels of finance -so 3 main social purpose - and 5 change risks -
media fir all; ed for all ; valuation for all 
go green; go borderless ie above zwro wum stop exemnalising - purpose of ur3,4 100 rimes moore 
..4.2 35 years ago direct cash transfer primary schools; 4.3 secondary scholas and libray teen apprentice p2p clubs (4.4 national uni and 4.5 2nd 50 million solution pre-school)
alongside evidence testing first 50 million solution - 1.5 ulotra

Sunday, July 19, 1970

:overview SDGs.Games & SDgoats.com  report 2025-1945 - 8 decades of exploring 100X tech/decade :thanks to Greatests of maths network eg von neumann, eisntein, turing et al

good news -we have transparent SDG1-6 solutions over 50 years among 1 billion rural poorest mothers who started up 1972 in web00 world - no electricity - no communication other  than word of mouth networking and printed paper (if literate)

good news (if your societies know how good Defi work and Lunar failed as did much of Cefi) then we can help under 30s co-create web3 round sdgs but w2e will urgently need UN2.0 eoadmapping whence benchmarks for govtech & fintech community service transparency geared to entrepreneurial XCollabs and Zgen most  most urgent sustainbility challenges -curated goal by goal community GPS by GPS- lets leapforward in awareness students and teachers need through school year 22-23 with sdgmetaverseprize.org

bad news we dont really know what to action learn let alone teach about good (trust multiplying win-win) entrepreneurship in worlds of 

  • web 0 mass tv
  •  web 1 (digital starts to take over from old mass media)
  •  web2 where who gets the data of mediating became make or break for everyone- worse when you map world trade value chains- different hemispheres have completely different priority lessons as well as different challenges as to which extinction crisis comes first- one dsimal consequence of this is a system of 2 argumantative politocal parties and lowest common denominator demands across a continent ain't going to assign a place's smartest yoyth to the diversity of deep data and humanisation of tech key to family development in web 3 era


Thursday, April 16, 1970


2025 report first published 1984 to count down sustainability consequences of 100 time more tech pre decade

as we reach final edition, covid, putin are latest biggest crises of an era where the elder half of the world seems to have cashed out on younger half's sustainbility

so our entrepreneurial revolution lens aims to focus on who is urging leaps- eg guterres 2022 UNGA summit  22 Education is no longer fit for purpose followed by; 2023 futures no longer fit for unders 30s being sustainability generation

UNwomens @ L & LNYSpring2022

LETS LEAP WIAI : blend Womens & Artificial Intelligence starring at Gradpads of first 100 new universities, collaboration 5.4 at abedmooc.com

lets move beyond AD and artificial intel agencies to celebrating 50 years by 1billiongirls.com 

lets see metaverse (30 years on from world wide web) as last chance ro unite Beeings and celebrate solution all communiitied need if girls and boys born there are to have great chance to thrive though life

: After 50 years as stats guy of Ad & AI Agency, giant leap forward inspired by 

Thursday, March 12, 1970

Join associates of genre 2025report: mediating millennials as the first sustainability generation
our story: we bridge the first 150 years of the wilson family's (Queen Victoria's change to commonwealth) purpose at The Economist 1993-1843 with 40 year future histories -whilst first published in Norman Macrae's entrepreneurial revolution surveys at The Economist from 1962, the macrae family from 1984 started independently writing up
Sustainability's countdown genre from 1985 with the 2025 report (concise future to 2025 published in various languages to 1993 swedish version;
in parallel we produced the biography of von neumann in American and translated into Japanese as recently as 2021;
when norman died his library was mainly adopted by adam smith scholars at glasgow university who are now publishing 2 journals : sustainability & social business modeling and new economics;
additionally the japan ambassador to bangladesh arranged for us to meet fazle abed and 15 young journalist trips later we have filed
the 30 collaborations fazle abed wanted partners of billion village women to continue at economistwomen.com and Abedmooc.com

we welcome ideas on how to complete the genre so that millennials everywhere are uniting sustainability development solutions by 2025 -
eg we love endorsing solutions such as the gandhi family's end illiteracy in 30 hours (90 by 20 minute coaching sessions) see globaldream.guru : Yamada's food masterclass -or ask for personal intro chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
IF YOU CAME FROM LINKEDIN PLEASE CLICK HERE OR here for friends of Zeebe (neSophia's) humanity or here for lunchbox
FA- dear friend and one of Glasgow Moral engineering's greatest : spent 50 years building an education system from cradle to grave for the most entrepreneurial women nature ever did see - help with the 36 collaborations that are his legacy EconomistWomen.com - clues first 5 SDGs and 3 xfactors- go gree; humanise AI; map ifrastructure as if gobal vilages need borderless connectivity for life critical entrepreneurship to blossom

Sunday, February 1, 1970


uk https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniejowers/ envdata tufts

ny https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankurjainkairos/ kairos services at lifecycle

sv https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherobereder/ coin stats ent 30/30

https://www.linkedin.com/in/schoeffmann/ vienna online journal?

https://www.linkedin.com/in/yihsian/ ny

https://www.linkedin.com/in/alicesliu/ sv  evolvevf.com

Saturday, January 10, 1970

 Economist's 1 2 survey of twin Asia Rising models of linking in village rural Keynesianism and superport win-win trading routes (Japan Korea South Taiwan HK Singapore ... maps which it took JFKennedy less than 7 days to endorse

good to see the opening plenary of ecop26 starring a young kenyan female alumni of Wangaari as well as Banker for Poor's forestry Prince Charles 

historically related:  speech prince charles & princess Di japan tour 1986


..Sustainability's future - The Economist 1972
BRAC annual reports