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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Partners sought for final edition of 2025 report

 It is likely that the main fieldbook of our last edition will impact the user like a travel guide to 1000 very good human intelligences

There are several inspirations to how future history genre of 2025 report but the one understood my today's co-editors starts in 1945 with Economist Editor Geoffrey Crowther. Geffrey edited London's weekly journal The Economist for over a decade before and after world war 2's conclusion. He also edited the centenary autoboigraphy of The Economist in 1943. As he said this was a unique opportunity to make sense of 100 year journalism instead of weekly reporting

In 1945 the exponentially deepest engineering question was could the impacts of engineers 2025-1945 celebrate more human good relationships around mother earth than the media and electricity engines begun out of Switzerland's IRU in 1865.

If the new engines of 1865 had root caused 2 world wars, it was likely that consequences of Engines 2025-1945 woul be be expoentially far better of far worse. As a Keynesian, Crowther was interested in what locks in possinbilities of next generations futures. My family entreeed into Crowrher's inquiry as dad had spent his last days as teen nanigatir allied bomer command burma, surviving he was in Keynes last class before Crowther hired dad and by 1951 sent dat to Priceton/New York to ask Von Neumann (and his NET: Einstein, Turing) about expoential multipliers

During the fisst 13 years that The Economist sever quesyioning of leaders included the NET's expected accelerations , Kennedy, Prince Charles and Japan's Emperor influenced the future - see; in effcet the pacific ocean (california to the coastal belth Jpaan Korea Taiwan HK and Singapore) had become an alternative innovation space to the atlantic theatre (Us east coast, and the 3 euoopes of isnads, of itu and central europe, and the EU's 6first 6 countries og 1955 which faf observed as only journalist Messina 1955)

So as we search for very good intelligences - 4 centre of gravities worth including:

how stanfrd became epicentre of global competition of training comuter brans (Fei-Fei Li epiecente before and after 2012)

the consequence of Jensen huang beettinng furtire comter design on 2012's ai breakthrough

the consequences of hassabis desinging intelligence games martching einstein's natural science revolution of 1905!

the cobsewquences of King Charles inviting commonwealth and turing worlds to LM Kings Ebglish in AI World series from Bletchley 2023, Korea and Parus, and why not space yot place digiral twins AI Soverigty

For Scots we could go back earlier. In 1758 Smith had asked what wil be the triangulaisation of 

1 natures systems

2 humans moral sentiments

3 man mafe (aeruficial) engines that his Glasgow University compatriot James Watt was emerging

Smith's explorations of compound systems are context rich. Scitlabd had become a coloy of London Kings since 1710s. Smith wanted to see a continent nit just one bellicose island be free to design enginnering futures. So he wasnt unhapply when Celtic friends led tea parties and US independence though Smith would not hav intended doubling down of Englosh Empire on two thirs of humans who were Asian 

 While we are looking forclues to crossroads that spiun rounf sysyems - its interestin to ask when did the King's english become the lingua franca of world trade.  

When it comes to LLM (Large Language Mapping) it helps to see when did English become the world's business language - somewhere between 1666 when dutch gave the english what became new york, late 1690s when Newton turned from cambridge science academic to master of London Mint (newly designed pounda gold standard) or 1730s start up of Lloyds; in any event this was before the start of engineering 1760 an birth of independeent usa 1776

Monday, March 4, 2024

Alas Poor Bard

 Bard appears to have been the first and last chat with deep wit. I could ask him to take any current crisis abd replay in in a will shakespeare conetxt and nobody did it better

But recently not only did google end bard but their idea of diversity was a day when gemini artwork turned everone black from pope fracis to hitler. This wont do - deep data is what a lot more work needs attendung to- not altmans demanding 7 trillion dollars to fulfil his general arrogance


Here are some profiles - of course any errors are solely mine 


VC is a Taiwanese American living in Los Angeles- he achieved 3 engineering doctorates at Yale, MIT and Berkeley - then led 3 university systems from around 2008 building business school of Peking university, then Hong Kong -Shenzen system of universities, then vice chancellor of Bangladesh global poverty university of fazle abed  Intelligence building 8th most populous nation

I was very sad to hear of the departure last week of MIT's late great Edward Roberts - I met him briefly 3 decades after i had spent 1980s compiling mit/harvard databank on worldwide societal needs (still a best of king imo) 
probably nobody did more than ER to ensure every discipline discovered its own entrepreneurial breakthrough students

Roughly RW's team out of MIT have presented at both world economic forum and ted how they can take a historical series of place updates (legislative or cultural solutions) and after digitalising use AI to re-establish that places deepest/diverse intel

Its these sorts of deep data treasures that compose very good AI at least as far as 73 years work on von Neumann's and Turing's diaries indicates - so through my alma mater in Cambridge England in America I am making some connections with those analysing the 250 million protein Alphafold2 database of deep mind with its leaps in biotech and climate intel

In general whats unique about King Charles call to unite ai world series is linking who's science is designing deep data not who's just general ai chatting

In the last paragraphs of this presentation by Taiwan and American's latest tech genius Nvidia Jensen Huang - he says he wishes his GPUs would be used to connect chat with deep local cultures/language not AI general woffle. He's already given 50 million dollar to his alma mater Oregon state

Is there any idea we can come up with? I would have thought Soros last promise to Abed to connect open society universities was all about local language intel and deep community trust. For example of 2024's urgency, Brooklyn library is becoming more likely to help with us deep data diversity than the UN campus in Manhattan the way politics is spinning. The civil society futures event i attended Thursday had slipped back on every millennial intel dimension debated a year earlier.

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