Join associates of genre 2025report: mediating millennials as the first sustainability generation
our story: we bridge the first 150 years of the wilson family's (Queen Victoria's change to commonwealth) purpose at The Economist 1993-1843 with 40 year future histories -whilst first published in Norman Macrae's entrepreneurial revolution surveys at The Economist from 1962, the macrae family from 1984 started independently writing up
Sustainability's countdown genre from 1985 with the 2025 report (concise future to 2025 published in various languages to 1993 swedish version;
in parallel we produced the biography of von neumann in American and translated into Japanese as recently as 2021;
when norman died his library was mainly adopted by adam smith scholars at glasgow university who are now publishing 2 journals : sustainability & social business modeling and new economics;
additionally the japan ambassador to bangladesh arranged for us to meet fazle abed and 15 young journalist trips later we have filed
the 30 collaborations fazle abed wanted partners of billion village women to continue at and

we welcome ideas on how to complete the genre so that millennials everywhere are uniting sustainability development solutions by 2025 -
eg we love endorsing solutions such as the gandhi family's end illiteracy in 30 hours (90 by 20 minute coaching sessions) see : Yamada's food masterclass -or ask for personal intro
IF YOU CAME FROM LINKEDIN PLEASE CLICK HERE OR here for friends of Zeebe (neSophia's) humanity or here for lunchbox
FA- dear friend and one of Glasgow Moral engineering's greatest : spent 50 years building an education system from cradle to grave for the most entrepreneurial women nature ever did see - help with the 36 collaborations that are his legacy - clues first 5 SDGs and 3 xfactors- go gree; humanise AI; map ifrastructure as if gobal vilages need borderless connectivity for life critical entrepreneurship to blossom

Friday, December 31, 2021 my happiest find of 2021

 I will be posting collaborations partly inspired by as examples of ways we can multiply massive collaboration

I found lunchlub in an odd way; when I heard that wise's 10th year of awarding educational laureates went to new yorker wendy kopp of www.teachfor - i started checking out who helped her found each of the 60 national branches

when it came to teachforchina it looked as if if a stanford student helped her more than 10 years ago and he is now in the middle of with over 10 start ups one of which is lunchclub

here is just one example of how one connection at lunchclub may lead to another collaboration - please contact me if you like the idea of connections leading to each other either in sustainability goal development network or Financial ESG modelling

Dear J . Here are some ideas - please tell me if some of them are worth following up or other ideas you may have

*** its my view that new york can make more SDG & ESG change than any american city especially over next 2 years while guterres is at the UN; I am trying to map who is helping him do/scale what particularly the agenda he published in september - additionally new yorker wendy kopp won the 10th wise education prize last month and has announced that all 60 national branches of want to change education - minimising exams, maximising youth experiential learning and entrepreneurship

***two of the people I learnt form most come from south asia- one is a good friends sunita gandhi - her family founded the 

world's largest school at lucknow- her current mission- she has developed a method ending illiteracy in 30 hours - we could mooc or whatsapp with sunita if you like; my father at the economist started celebrating asia rising at the economist in 1962, did biography of von neumann,and  in 1984 i co-authored valuing millennials as first sustainability generation ; much of asia seems to be doing much more exciting things with tech than the west - how do we urgently fill the gaps?

the person i learnt most from sir fazle abed in bangladesh at brac died in december 2019; over 50 years his women empowered microfranchises also platformed the world largest ngo partnershps; i interviewed him 15 times on how he changed aid and have tried to catalogue his solutions at - if you see ones you like, please tell me and I can try and tell you which partners are leading them

*** if you are happy i would like to intro you to she makes more connections than anyone I know and am confident she would want to see if there are ways she can help your vision rebecca has already hosted over 100 lunchclubs (just one example of her connectivity)

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