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Monday, November 21, 2022

breaking valley asks if we can host state of world zoom dec 8

 Dear Makoto (wow great news dec1- can we see draft un speech), Jeanne Samira Vriti Vincent -please could you join us for a zoom  8th dec 7am us west coast time  -...........................................- I will be writing individually with friend john kiehl whose in his 50th year out of new york and boston of hosting probably the most human/arts recording studio is usa soundtrackny; ...among several asks - in addition to who values artists and youth's heroines changing the 2020s world, who would like to write up/co-publish 3 pagers on year in 2023+ web and other futures educators and tech can help guterres celebrate in connecting gaps between younger and older half of world; a month ago i was in hong kong where several amazing teams are not just publishing visions but meta-scaling them; jeanne's www.beingai.com is transferring legacy of robot sophia helping curate UN launch of sdgs to women empowerments meta-avatar curating that purpose of the verse; vriti has just hosted 3 day summit around her nft (association of up to 6000  youth futures co-creators) www.ed3dao.com- to me it showed anything i would ever want my mind shaped by at a university can now be online at dozens of parallel lecture rooms and after action debriefing meetups; and in happy digital worlds students can own their skills dashboards with personal mind trainers--  if thats how smartest 18 to 21 yeras olds demand their time  is spent and UN future summits are staged 23-24- what about the rest of k-20 time of teachers and youth in a blockchainable world of whose courses and community service cooperations just do (what with) ITu? many generations of my scots diaspora family have been most influenced by asian human development in part because that was the intergenerational story since 1860 that the economist continued searching as legacy of its founder's impact on the uk royal family- queen voctria asked founder james wilson to go charter banking and taxes for quarter of beings on india subcontinet 1859- he only issued one state of nation survey before dying of dirrhea calcutta 1860; it took 112 yeras before women empowerment banking/edu for community building gravitated that out of the new nation of bangladesh- youth have been reporting views on that to us since 2007-dad's legacy circulating 2000 yunus books, 10000 dvds from 2008; our greatest support cam from hapan ambassdor to dhaka who organsied 2 rembrance diners chaired by sir fazle abed- two of 16 trips graduate jouranlists and I made to case study real and digital cooperations abed platformed; vincent has led 4 yeras of abed's university legacy; makoto's day job is nippon life government affairs; jeanne and vriti are scaling extrordinary meat-futures aligned to frameworks guterres has planted in every op division of un; samira and I discussed women victims of acid ttacks while she was postgraduating from Georgetown 2008; perhaps her story of whats next can start off our zoom ; ??  also collecting stioies at www.2025report.com - a genre that emerged from consequence of dad meeting von neumann 1951- they agreed journalism's greatest scoop might be what good can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade - thks JW https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/from-hawick-to-hawick-the-story-of-the-economist-founder-james-wilson-121012001578_1.html

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