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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

IS 100 TIMES (PER DECADE) MORE TECH SUSTAINABLE? Case studies of 10 times more value in community building than separating global GDP  - eg 1 billion womens asian empowerment (studied through my family's 100 trips to asia since 1943 including 50 of mine 16 to Bangladesh)

2023 aims to publish final edition of 2025report. That's 40 years on from publishing our first book -and 70+ years on from Economist journalists being trained to mediate this question with John Von Neumann's assistance

We seek a cooperation with people who believe community work (last mile life chnaging services) is up to 10 times more valuable than global workforce. Since 0/11 we have studied the UN a lot and we concluded the hidden agenda of all UN goals workd comes down to this valuation chalenge. There is no pint national or global indusytry leaders declaring goal commitments unless we sort out how much needs to multiply locally if the goal is to be reality in action not just media chat.

The deadlines launched in 2015 around the newly deckated sudtainability development goalsd are particuloarly interesting. At a year one review at the UN hosdted by Gordon Brown, the overall conclustion of educational leaders from over 30 countriesd was these are not going to be acheieved for most children this century unless education and tech transform each other. Whats interesting is following how firstly 3 people met the next day to start what became the digoital cooperation movement and is now thye UN tech envoy secreatary general's UN22 digital roadmapping. Of the 9 playing pieces for youth to unite 8 billion beings with UN2.0 the two tech playing poieces are very clear AIforgood goes back to von neumann 1951 or earlier; global connectivity goesd back to fopunding of ITU in 1965. The clarity of education's role needs some searching - you need to know that global digital copoperation means edtech clebrating value of mnext generation and digotal capactity building emans unlearning and learning of the older half of the world. Once you understand those 4 playing pieces youi can enthusdiatically code enviraonment adaptation from the boottom up. You can ground the 4 human ideals communally (ie rights inclusion public goods safety/trust)

Back in our 1984 book we expected goals celebrating the first generation of the new millennium to pose the mother of all media problems. Our recommendation in 1994 was that public media like the bbc's world service should partner in launching tyhe first reality tv program to partner with the worldwode web. if this was timed as the web became at leasdt as influential as broadcast tv we could get the best of both worlds. Publish the generations goals as an innovation chalenge for viewers to continute to webchat aroujnd. Make this chat the number 1 home page of those who wamnted web1 to value education to the maximum. It has always been our view that education not economics develops people- did the choicken or the egg comes first doesdnt need to be a conflict. Anyone wjo parents is beginning a journey on education comes first at least for the most productive period of their lives.

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