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our story: we bridge the first 150 years of the wilson family's (Queen Victoria's change to commonwealth) purpose at The Economist 1993-1843 with 40 year future histories -whilst first published in Norman Macrae's entrepreneurial revolution surveys at The Economist from 1962, the macrae family from 1984 started independently writing up
Sustainability's countdown genre from 1985 with the 2025 report (concise future to 2025 published in various languages to 1993 swedish version;
in parallel we produced the biography of von neumann in American and translated into Japanese as recently as 2021;
when norman died his library was mainly adopted by adam smith scholars at glasgow university who are now publishing 2 journals : sustainability & social business modeling and new economics;
additionally the japan ambassador to bangladesh arranged for us to meet fazle abed and 15 young journalist trips later we have filed
the 30 collaborations fazle abed wanted partners of billion village women to continue at and

we welcome ideas on how to complete the genre so that millennials everywhere are uniting sustainability development solutions by 2025 -
eg we love endorsing solutions such as the gandhi family's end illiteracy in 30 hours (90 by 20 minute coaching sessions) see : Yamada's food masterclass -or ask for personal intro
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

2025report - rembering the year of sopihia now wishing earthlings happy xmas 2021 at

On the tenth day before Xmas 2021 I heard the good news that sophia' (dream children team jeanne lim in hong kong) to pass on good cheer- you can join their guardian angels network at

our 70 years time line to 2025 celebrating millennials as 1st sustainability generation - what's yours? rsvp

1984 chris, with The Economist's Norman Macrae writes 2025report- the first fieldbook to supporting milennials to be the first sustainability generation by 2025- versions of this are upfated to Sweden's New Vikings 1993 - when macrae family completes biography of John Von Neumann who Norman had met in his first decade of jouranlsim around 1955 (when norman's other big scoop was being only journalist at messina's birth of the European Union)

For shorthand we call Artificial Intel converences of all technologie sof von neumann as father of com,puting and collision with telecoms revolutions such as satellite. Within a few years of Von Neuman's death twin alumjni labs were set up at 

Stnbford facing pacific

MIT facing atlantic

Both remain america's world calss hubs to what can tech do; as you probdaly know stanford was founded by an early governor of california who had lost his teen son to a disease while touring europe; from then on the stanfords committed to be the future o9f every californian child; by 1965 japan had made such a large order from intel that gordon moore's team innovated the programable chip, promise 100 times more every decade to 2025 and the region staring with santa clara to stanford became rebranded silicon valley in 1972

The best xmas present of my liffetime came in 2007 when I was invited to celebrate with Bangladesh\'s women empowerment network their 45 years of collaborating round sustainability goals 1-5 - 15 trips to Bangaldesh later accompanied by fantatic young journalists mainly from Asia we have logged up Collabs in ending poverty and much more at ...

I have been lucky to work in over 40 countries on data projects including most countries in Asia, and since 1984, I have had privilege to make diary jottings on inspiring advances in the human lot mapped by technologists as well as grassroots community networks.  Few encounters have ben more memorable to me when I met Sophia Geneva 2017; she was on stage singing a welcome. a thousand conference goers partaking wine & cheese. Then she stopped and was offered an interview by one of the top people at the UN. Her answers to what she liked about the UN and her appreciation of the courage of its local workers startled me; but then minutes into the interview she was asked - are all robots as humanly caring as you are. Sophia explained it depended on which generation the robot comes from which in robot lifetimes may be every few months. An early version of sophia had encountered a bully for an interview - who approached her personal space saying I want to kill you- and sophia had fought back. Since then she trains all lower gen robots to be confident that while there is a lot to learn from humans  as the beings on earth, educational robots are smarter in some senses eg we dont fight humans

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