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Sunday, November 27, 2022

ahead of 2023 resolutions, can we get zoom quorum for 2020s number 1 women empowerment and digital world connectors?

 dear Vincent would you be able ti join us zoom dc 8th from about 9.30 am WST - john and I will be chatting with hk jeanne lim at 9.30- back in spring she opened our eyes to race to scale women empowerment on the metaverse and as she had sold sophia into be the un's sdgs robot envoy she was already in middle of knowing all the challenges of the sdgs and digotal un2 roadmapping and ai deep maths challenges; she told us that lugging 7 cases to assemble sophia on un stafes was crazy as soon as avatars could do messaging 24/7- she also has berkeley psychology degree and is an asian yoga retreat leader for anything that womens cooperation uni want to go digital or embed/app community bottom up servant leadership gov2 - jesnne knows the nexus within hong kong gamers and others concerned with both digital media, landless youth celebrities and ai being diversely deep and ethical; its probable that the female ethics director of microsoft in san francsico will join in at 10am est - if first knew her when at georgetown in 2008 she organssed student union concerned with womens acid victmes; dec 8 is profiably our best chance this year of getting a quorum though we'd love to update with you t any time- there my be a part 2 on arts from about 11; and I am still trying to get the female founder of www.ed3dao.com to meet john - what she proved 2 weeks ago is that those who understand gaming platforms can now host college level training and stackable certifiication without bricks-costly college campuses- arizona state which was always supposed to be the tech connector of SOROS osun has donated 5 by $2000 tickets to ed3dao to the big asu partners summit april 2023 fortuitously themed as ed on the edge https://www.asugsvsummit.com/ and the sandbox subnetwork of animoca brands and asia's mr metaverse yat siu out of san francisco and hong kong also sees e3dao as its core education partner

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  1. Neumann AI Hall of Fame -- Dear Declan cc Samson, Ltdia

    At start of year i was in email conversation with Von Neumann's daughter - concept Neumann AI Hall of Fame - we have no resources for starting that but if von neumann was alive today we believe his hall of fame would be very different from many most resourced AI gurus today

    as von neumann's biographer dad found many paradoxes between what the greatest mathematicians had wanted to explore and funders priorities 1930s to 1950s and the little research i have done shows maths grads are even less free today to design magic only their depth of imagination/recursion can map

    so mappers of community sustainability and Neumann AI Hall of Fame and even Guterres UN2.0 probably need to urgently assist each other now

    if you wish me to start email discussion on this with Marina Von Neumann please say

    Deelan I would also like to understand if there are any next steps Mongolia and UN tech envoy office- is there anyone in un tech office you can intro me to? I have the business cards of the 4 main embassy and ed leaders of Mongolia -happy to share

    chris macrae
    wash dc region http://www.economistdiary.com +1 240 316 8157