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Monday, January 23, 2023

 Do you know each other?

Rosalia : back in 1999 Jack sold his 40 businesses in singapore and has built most extraordinary collaboration around sdg6 sanitation and water- his world toilet day became part of UN calendar nov 19. Soon In New York march 22, UN hosts first  unhabitat and undesa summit round his maps of water/sanitation connect every life. Rosalia will you or anyone from team ecuador be in Ny in March 

Jack: I get a little confused by habitat cop and other green Un summits. Soon after 2015sdgs, Former President of Ecuador Rosalia helped host  habitat3 I had first met her MIT convergences 2010. Jack have you heard of quadir family - they were 1995 origin of mobiles for poorest and remain connectors of eg brac's The summit they assembled in 2010 was co-sponsored by amazing reeta roy of mastercardfoundation- what an honor to be there with rosalia and to take notes  . Certainly emulated yunus first social business summit berlin 2009. 

Rosalia hope you are all well. Jack will  also be in Brazil in April... I'm still in DC region though new york seems usa last best chance of Unite peoples cooperation. Or do you recommend some DC institute I could study?

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