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Monday, November 21, 2022

7 year future itches- 180 ro 260 yer moral histiriues and millennials as sustainability generation

  thank you for suggesting 7am pacific dec 8- let me see if i can arrange a zoom quorum - I will try and ask people to share a short profile- does their life's purpose  gravitate a 7 year itch to 2030- what if any huge ops and threats have digital webs/life brought to human experience since 1990; ideally this summary would be in a version people are happy shared on linkedin and lunchclub type or similar formats; they can always cluster in smaller private groups; for me 7 year itch matches all of UN sdg deadlines, under 30 hopes for kinder and better community building worlds, what education-tech transformation is now needed and main story of Bill Gates in his mid 1990s book Way Ahead; he made the exponential auditing observation - for planners the puzzle is less change happens in 3 years than might be expected; much more change happens in 7 years;  ; 2023 is 180th year since scots of adam smith mindset founded the economist to help queen victoria transform empire round goals 2 1 - eg end starving the irish, design bank and taxes by and for quarter of beings on india subcontinent - Economist founder james wilson had some success with food getting corn laws repealed but when queen victora authorised charter bank of india - he only issued one state of indian continent report before dying of diarrhea a year after arriving in calcutta; in effect it took 112 years before women empowerment banking by fazle abed sorted out both end death by diarrhea and aid 2.0 through which up to a billion asian village mothers develop 2020-1970; I want to publish something on this in 2023 either as a book firm or a shared futures conversation; also friends at glasgow university inted june 2023 to mark 265th ketnote of smiths moral sentiments with microedusummit - one immediate goal of the zoom who wants to publish a 3 pager on what to design into web 3 or meta - obviously I am just rehearsing aloud what dec 8 could dialogue around-if you have another way to frame whats next. I'd love to hear that; my fathers life at the economist tried to action a scoop he and von neumann agreed when they met in 1951- if the legacy of the Goats of maths was 100 times more tech per decade- what goods could peoples unite? we are arguably in the last round of playing our species greatest game; this also matches keynes final chapter of general theory of employment, interest, money

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