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Thursday, November 10, 2022

2022 = 60th year since dad Norman at The Economist started connecting asian and western youth as if sustainability depended on this - Aiming to end 2022 (leap forward with second half of UN sdgs race 2023 eg  designed to celebarate 10000 most exciting youthful storytellers of goals and actions of sustainabliity generation)  with lots of celebration of asian mediated solutions which  every western millennial and educator needs to know exist - and are ready for web3 decentralisation anywhere in need

this weekend - an extraordinary edtech summit is led by asian american in New York Vriti Saraf; if it hadnt been for covid likely she would still be at the whittle school in shanghai - certainly new york and east coast education's gain

if you look at or we look at many ways that Guterres Un2.0 would not ecist with asian ed tech starting up digitk ciperation acriss the UN in 2016

interesting too is the Un league table of egov- 

fascinating whos leaping up the rankings becasue most of teh basiic of empowering citizends with digital gov can be replicated from anywhere that first shows how - singapre is one place whose egov solutions almost every others natiuons citizens can gain from knowing about

next year will be 40th since dad and I sent 2025report to the publsjers - how to escape orweel's big broth endgame - assembling final edition of that still work to be done on finding escape routes (from hell's like Putin , next void or nature's wrath) - wonder if must wil; koin us with twitterversal case; if noy how about or my extraidinary debriefs last month from

estonia and slovenia are other stars as their versions of AI help augment human skils - japan has partnered with slovenai and teh 14 UN coleges to spead these clebrations

wow and thansk everyobe chris and lessons from billion poorest asian mothers

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