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Thursday, January 26, 2023

2025 Report Cooperation Edition

 My father Norman survived spending his last days as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma. Similarly his father had his education interrupted by world war 1. 

Dad's way of coping with this experience actioned 2 wings : search for optimistic connectors through life, his own top secret mediation advantage - google maps in his head 60 years ahead of any other global or local influencer. For ecample this matters in selecting what infrastructure - shipping training plane-ing car-ing spacing do global vilagers most need depending where on N(EW)S their people link in.Are the tricontiment old world's 2 peskiest islands Japan and UK fit for sustainability generation. Are the 2 norther continental roofs- Canada and Russia? Do the coastal belts of Asia where 65% of humans live connect pacific oceans win-win trades smoothly - both in physical and knowhow trading speheres? What the Talnatuc's UFIG up to in shaping what Eueodolar currency is applied to? What is happening to the futures of the peopels of teh equator's mix of desert and oil wells that the French sometimesd call MENA?Back before Empires racced to integrate old and new worlds trading around the med sea was probably the most adbavantaged place to be- why has this become the 21st sea of refugees. How do we inckude the 10% of the peoples south of the equator- before the 2 great canals their world trade routes were pivotal not yet so in 21st C. As a general tule of the last half of a millennium the north has extracted natural and living resources of the south for its own slef interts- is the defining chalenge of tiday's under 30s to reconcile this. If so do today's over 30s have more to learn than to examine your children on?   

Dad determined to spend his life meidating intergenerational good N(EW)S and social actions -naturally beyond at and within borders. His first 7 years as an adult learner were exceptionally privileged. He was in Keynes last class at Cambridge where Keynes explained that the biggest danger to our chukdren and grandchildren is economists becoming shirt-term and hired by the richest. Dad's mindset revisited system thinkers back to Adam Smith segmenting those (sometimes called the Scorist school) on Keynes side. Over time father coined 2 genres future historians and Entrepreneurial Revolution to try to help recursively debate who's purpose of economics are we being expoenetailly locked into. Dad was hired by The Economist. Editor Geoffrey Crowther had jyst published the centenary edition of The Economist 1943-1943. He tested father on founder james Wilson attempts to be the chnage to the english constitution that a n initially 20 something Queen Victiria needed to transforn from slavemaking and genocide-mastered empire to commonwelath. In 151 The Economist (based in London's St James) seconded father to New York for a year. At Princeton he met Von Neumann who asked would economics journalists be interested in the scoop : what goods can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade. In particular Neumann asked norman to keep questioning 2 extremely risk opportunities nd threats, Of the maths Goats energy projects Von Neumann said- these will make scientists both the most hated and wanted of people. As datger of computing which Von Neumann termed the design of Artificial Intel(ligence): one day this will comound ultimate challenges : extinction or a world in which each next child born has a fir chnace at life

Von Neumann had less than 6 years to live when he and dad linkedin. They shaed a scenario which we may views as human relationship games over four 40-year quarters. With today's modal age on earth being 30, we can think of 40 years as space for intergenerational mappong- what knowhow did a parenting generation educate their next generation to advance our species unique purpose as earthlings. If the telecommunication age as a global force had orignally hubbed across a Swiss coridor of neighors (ITU Internationa Telecomes Union) 1864, we can see that the first 2 quarters of global connectivity undortunately climaxed in 2 world wars. So if we play this game the search becomes can the two halves 2025-1984-1945 unite beings in milennials being the first sustainability generation not those who see parenting extinction generations as ever less worthy of life's time.

When dad died in 2010, primarily 4 movemnts of people contacted me and kindly offered to action remembrances:

The Economist Board Room

A netwirk inspire by Mandela who were trying to design new virtually free universities for net generation Africans. Father had first coined the term Entrepreeurial Revolution as part of hos stream of annual surveys- 1968 what help did peoples out of south africa need the rest of the world to link in?

Adam Smith Scholars in Galsgow who offered to take over my fathers archves as well as those of some of hise heros. Tow year before father died he hosted his last public birthday pary with 40 influencers at Royal Automobile Club St james to quiz chief giest Muhammad Yunus on what were his friends and influencers up to? Glasgow's version of this quiz was blended into the 250th moral sentiment summits of Smithian researchers. Consequences were the laynch of the first virtually free nursing college and the emergence of 2 h=jouranls for new universities: social bsuienss and new economics. June 2023 sees the 265rt Moral Sentiments summit updare- one reason why a draft overview of this book celebrates this timeline.

The fourth rembrance woyld have cheered father most, During the first decade of Neumannreserach of 100 times Mo(o)re, Borma udentified the Happan Coastal belt south as one of the fie first 5 corridors of peoples privileged to be first eplores of 100 times more tech. The Jpan ambassor to bangladesh suggested the most exc=icting way to see how 1 billion poorest vailge women had since 1970 sort ti be inckuded in hunans kindest furture was to hist roundtables at the Japan Embassy in Bangladesh. I was told that the women who had bulit rural Bangldesh had since 1970 gravitated around a foremr Royal Dutch Shell regioanl ceo and Glasgow U Alumn Sir Fazle Abed. What could be mapped by listening to 1) his 40 years og knowhow; 2 the reason why since 2001 he had founded a cooperation university celebraiung both global and local advances in families communal development, what he saw as legacy chalenges (was this in some way a 60 year uodte on Von Neumann's legacy requests)

So the coperation sections of this bookn are sequences like this

part 1 cataloguing cooperations since 2015 United Nations 2 framing of suatainbke goals that any egov or gov2.0 can join in benchmarking if peoples value the  meta-innovationtrainagularisaon

end poverty - ie design a world in which each next gorl born has fair chnace in life

expland a places moiddele class

go greeb 

part 2 rewinds how did coperation mapoing of 1 billion girls bridge community development of 25 years of h

having no access to electricity with 25 years to late in 20th C 

with 25 years of leaping through their version of wnreepwnueual reviutions-

scaling start of 21st C with g2 mobile and solar

reaching out to web 2 partners from subprime onwards

bridging the eras of trump putin covid death of fazle abed with meta-cooperations of 2023 to 2030. ( Back when vilage firls firrst encounted solar and mobile, Bil gates wrte the way Ahead in the middle of the web1 era as he shaped it. Said Bill always less chnage hapens than you can plan for 3 yeras always far more than it is possible to plan for in 7 years. Dare we design the next 7 years of m=media, tech, science and human community development round his interesting hypothesis?

Part 3 since 2008 we have been playing a student union game WEL. This was partly stimulated by sampling 2000 social busiens books and 10000 youtube style dvds nade summer 2008 when the Nobel committee helped yunus create his museum of poverty with all of his favoeite partners of 2008 linking in, as well as helping Glashow stage yunus 70th birthday wish party 2010 Interdependence weekend July4 WEJ's rules are simple - seatch for a pack of at most 54 playing cards uniting your colege yera in terms of people you'd like to be colaboration alumni of - at least as far as being aware of what their life's purspoe is and how can the younger half of the world cheer them on. So here we feature some of the pakyers cards. Please jotre these includ people who may be controbversial like Elon Musk. Millennials make space for seeing him as a top 50 brain where the chalenges he dares take on are how they appraise him not whether all of his companies are wall street darlings.

In an appendix section , I look back at some of my father's most challenging writings. What didnt comes to pass in the optimistic ways he asked us to linkin. SAt the start of the fourth od dad and neumann's fourth game period, I ho=hjoined father in penciling the first publication in the 2025 report genere- our alternative to Orwell's systems end game of big brother. Here is the sumary of this report that fomrer schience editor of The Economist Viscount Ridley wrote in dad's remembarnce. I will try at the end of this book to explain crossrads where we the huamn intellects of thsi worls missed the chance to prep the human intelects. For example dad hoped that public braidcatsres would bridge that period of time when the next generation spent more time interacting digital than spectating tv with a reality game. ...

Until the last breadth humans make it seems to me that expoenetial crossriads are there to unite intellects human and aetificia around. Can we find a cooperation orbit thats more promising than wehre the 21st c has spun us to date? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Glasgow NY Dhalka Tokyo Hong Kong Singapore and 20 other livesdmatter.city of 2020s

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