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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

DC madness - why the world's sustainability cannot depend on team usa on 6 urgent sdgs.games

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what's so sad for humanity  is that between 1776 and 1960 continent usa offered a near perfect benchmark of infrastucture - one whose roads, telecoms, airplanes,  any continent might well have sought to copy with that era's tech and if mother nature was not going to go above 3 billion people carbonising every need (ironically the sun is thousands of times more abundant and clean as an energy source but how mans science developed carbon was there on the ground - cheaper (of course we may still wonder if brains had raced to know photosynthesis not atomic would millennials already be celebrating their elders for sustainability- as it is2020s are most exciting times to be alive preventing extinction is the greatest collaboration prize nature plays on a species and human time is now -whats the best 22-23 game if you want to just leap forward to the metaverse which can only be vaut le voyage if support of human brains by human brains is borderless- the artificial intels are not going to accept their AI autonomy has different national gulfs - so?!? please let all under 30s play the games below - they are all of us best chnace 

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compare this with eg what britain did across most of the conteiuent of asia; imagine whewre americans would have gotten if they ha d not decalred independence 1776

there were of course flaws:

to what extent did genocide and slavery underpin connectivity mapping usa 1960

some states (possibly only) texas had been indispensable: oil and ownership of the west coast were due to texas - and clearly nobody in DC ever quarreled with texas as the supreme state 

one might ask given cars and planes were the 2 world leading transport sectors why so little connection between detriot's car enegineers, seatllte's airplances and the new engineers of 100 times more tech now twin hubbing future of digital engineerung out of mit to atlantic 25% of peoples and stanford to pacific's 75% (these are rough estimates- but if every person was to chhose whose they depended on most for sustainability -population maps are where to look)


whats bizarre is kennedy if he had lived would probably (see his review of Economsi survy=ey of Asia Rising economy0 hac=ve joyfully annouced with the exception of russia and north korea- asia could be trusted to map its own caostline- the eu integration of germany too; after all the new world had always been most effective at mapping its own contiennt; and quite frankly south north channelges to sustainability have not yet had a look in- have a look at all g8 capitals - north above the tropics; there was not in 1960 and may not yet be a 100% healthy map of living in the tropics even though up to half of people live there in often extrem crowded spots and conversely the world's deserts contain probably a third of the world's carbon energy (at least while that siource of energy is still used); and the  far south less than 10% of people live- and since the opening of the suez canal afric'as south hasn't really been a world trade destination except for extrating gold and diamonds;;while the old world neededed to give back to the couth it had mainly coonosed, america could have leapt ahead as a south north contient which celebrated all its peoples

I am here to learn - have I got something wrong - i am just a disapora scot wishing we could have appr'd 100 times more etch since 1945 to included everyone- i have spent the nest part of 20 years finding out how the world's poorest bilion asian women developed out of teh vilage world with no electricity at all to 2000, and formned the greatest colaboration partnership through taht era and arguably with any solar and mobile tech partnerships shared with them this century - see their 30 joyful collaborations for resolving the most extrel=me chalenges of being lefft out of the world trade systems ; if they can do so much why cant the rest of us even if it means assuming that there are at least 6 sustainability chanenges DC and USA will never lead in time forss sutainability even if in every other way team usa can bat first with pride and trust 

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