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Thursday, December 31, 1970

 Dear Bolor Battsengel, please may i intro you to Jack Sim- 23 years ago he sold up 40 companies in singapore and has dedicated  to sdgs cooperation particularly goal 6 sanitation where UN nov 19 is day celebrating his connections ; in next few weeks he's helping unhabitat stage water summit ny march 21-25 ; he's also in middle of all singapore tech people with his bottom of pyramid hub; I was intending to follow up of global digital 2022 which you in mongolia hosted with un tech envoy office but I see you are now focusing on girls code   - many of my friends in ny and hk are metaverse girl code leaders- is there a best way to update (I have business cards from 5 people from mongiolia ny embassy but if girls code is a different network could we start there? I believe jack has one edu startup in monhgolia - over to you!

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