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Thursday, December 31, 1970

Jeanne hope your march journey to us went well; hope you missed any crazy weather; could you tell me when you know dates of your next US trip?. John i have only just caught up with GPT since my brief coffee chat with fei-fei li when she briefed year 1 of - from my self's needs to catch up i strongly recommend these 2 videos -this week's update by founding team of chat gpt  fei-fei li and female comrade's fall 2022 review on coming of chatgpt  - john I cant work out if another zoom is needed to catch up with trifector of ny briefings - water-womens cws2023 and guy riders briefing on guterres last 3 UNGA's - i am co-creating a new diary web - welcome views of what links to map there. John I am sorry I havent found way for you to meet NY's vriti saraf ; although her 6000 radical teachers association is fun it seems to have worked out how to end physical colleges without seeing that chatgpt probably comes before what metaverse to design at least if you are new york anchored. I think I understand why hong kong still needs games and metaverse. What I dont know is whether any chinese language version of gpt is designed with the depth fei-fei li has impacted openai. Its extraordinary the responsiblity everyone asks of her :arguably greatest mathematician of our times - i hope that Jerry Yang keeps her out of traps (eg goldman sachs) he accidentally led Jack Ma into. Fi I am really confused about singapore- need to find right moment to understand if jacks networks are reviewing all sdgs from BOP vision or ultimately if he's merchandising only sanitation solutions. I still believe that delph might be worth a quiet chat between you two and her. You can all map moving parts of mit, tufts and boston. it does seem that boston remains through affectiva networks a leader in human augmentation but I think that absent of connections you might remake boston is not going to help guterres in time. Last: also confused what is relationship of graham who has all the tech connections unhabitat could ever need and his boss the former mayor of penang who seems very decent but is marooned in kenya to led all unhabitat- maybe guterres has another climate game up his sleeves- would alabaster know if thats the case?)

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