We offer 3 Diary Viewpoints of 2025Report and welcome AI20s.com open co-eds notably female neuroscientists & tech wizards aligned to King Charles AI World Series. - Neumann-Einstein-Turing first suggested to Economist Journalists to map (exponential maths audit Trillion Dollar Markets) future back from 2025 in 1951; from 1984 forward see EconomistDiary.com/1984; for earlier stuff see also Neumann Ning; for some current stuff continue at this web - eg is water the artificial and human intelligence that can help millennilals be first renewable generation? Economistwater.com (EWa) and ED invite you to help us connect our futures alphabet A B D F G H J M S Wo U Y. At Neumann.ning.com -... we are in trouble - good trouble. Its as if everything we published from 73 years of Economist surveys with von neumann whom dad met in 1951 is history. That's good news- thanks 8 billion to AI Angel visiting Washington DC on 1 March 2023 :: ...Golden Oldie flashback: EconomistDiary.com schools brief 14 (1964):

Wednesday, December 30, 1970

 Would it be  possible to meet someone in team of Dame Louise Richardson? www.economistdiary.com My dad sub-edited The Economist as it evolved from 3rd ranked weekly to arguably world's favorite viewspaper.  My main reporting projects this year are 3-fold but each gains from as deep cooperation as possible as purpose  to celebrate under 30s beliefs in their world's future. 1 Co-designing with Adam Smith Scholars 265th Moral Sentiments Summit- Glasgow June 2023. Questions of our editorial board at Journal of New Economics include has Oxford completed all the changes Adam Smith sought  2 Diarising next college year cooperations around Guterres in which 8th year of UN tech envoy office converges with summit future NY June 2024 to be designed to include every millennials crisis agenda. 3 Co-editing last edition of 2025 report https://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/death-of-a-great-optimist/   My father Norman Macrae met von Neumann in 1951 and applied his question to sub-editing The Economist. What good  (deep human intel) can peoples unite wherever they are privileged to access 100 times more tech per decade? Father had survived world war 2 as teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma and married daughter of Sir Kenneth Kemp Bombay chief justice who dialogued with Gandhi before writing up legalese of India's Independence. Dad's last project resulted in sending me and young reporters to Bangladesh 16 times to map the actual cases of Bangladesh, Sir Fazle Abed , One Billion Girls Empowerment including Abed's last partner Charles Yidan whom Dame Richardson partnered. I am also interested in Schwarzman. Rhodes and ethics artificial intel which is the main innovation catalyst of Guterres https://www.un.org/techenvoy/content/ongoing-work I am aware that Economist founder James Wilson and Queen Victoria didnt fully complete changes Irish and Scottish most wanted entrepreneurial humanity to map. My fathers first 11 years of survey of Von Neumann was most supported by JF Kennedy then the Japanese Emperor and Prince Charles. There is a lot that changing the english mindset needed to help millennials to cooperatively scale as we get one last chance to change 2020s media and ground their livelihoods around every community's access to being the first sustainability generation. Chris Macrae +1 240 316 8157 DMV & NY. Since 1982 working for Unilever and MIT, Asian societies women's development have become my gameboard. If Guterres fails to change fully to gov2.0 by 2026, I dont yet see our societal exponentials  being recursively intelligent (data deep) enough to design Artificial Intel to prevent extinction. My NY friends & I are looking for missing pieces eg www.ed3dao.com www.beingai.com in humanity's emotional intel and open tech ability to unite cultures as well as transparent reconciliation which each SDG maps. Additionally Von Neumann's daughter is interested in starting up AI Hall of Fame if that can unite the legacy of the Goats of maths http://neumann.ning.com. In recent months new hopes have arisen round Declan Kirrane's science summits and Africa's training of www.nexteinstein.org https://globalsciencecollaboration2013.sched.com/declan.kirrane@iscintelligence.com But we also lost to Covid, Ireland's luminary of tech in health http://www.globalhealth2030.org/new-page

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