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Monday, September 5, 2022

believe it or maths people dont like jargon- we love codes wizards who help everyone join in apping or mapping!


what you see is artistic genoius in that invites you to find fun ways of escaping a stitation we all face in 2020s that  scares me as a maths guy senseless is systems through which powerful mens rule the world with decisions that compound a chaotic mistake- literally chaos maths refers to a system that is out of control because nature is multiplying connections at levels (exponentially longer and data deeper) than humans are measuring - in other words even the so-called experts are blind to the gtrreatest risk that is multiplying like an out of contrlo caner - if teacherhers and kids only knew one gift from einstein, being vigilant about chaos would be my choice- an example is a pandemic -its nature making connections at a smaller and faster level than we humans have yet mapped

 What good do you most urgently want to see humans unite round through every community worldwde by 2030? It might be one of the UN sdgs; it might be combo of sdgs; you might simply want to describe it in your own words then we can search cooperation of skills and goals needed to make it happen.

My family has always wanted to see a world in which each next girl/boy born has a good chance at life because every community's diversity is being optimised round families or civil networks who want a better life for next generation. Perhaps my happiest year of 25 in usa was that when Jim Kim became world bank leader in 2012. His message every young professional - first 10 yeras as graduate needed to apply their skils to any professional system not fit for sustaining their generation 

.Jim Kim had some busy years; when Evola struck Africa, and the world's response appeared slow - it was jim kim who celebrated last mile jealth workers in place even if some country durectirs at the world bank argued his contract prevented him from poutting health service first - but probalby the least appreciated but with hindsight most important move kim timed; listening in 2016 to year 1 review of education sdg4 goal- 30 experts mainkly agreed we will never make it unless-

 it was kim who connected educatrs and all thye un's tech in geneva- with that move when guterres took over UN lead there wouldnt have been digoital cooperation goin on in geneva among educatirs tech and a hew heroines like medinda gates- today we wouldnt have the 9 pieces game inviting every skill to play at roadmapping UN2.0 - tech envoy

start taking on the 9 playimng poece of UN2 raodmapping -eg how can we benfit from the 30 most exciting cooperation that 1 billion asian vilage women have relentless cooperated aroiund since 1972 :Bangladesh Rural Adbanement Cooperation abedMOOC.com

where can ed have most impact'where can tech wizards have most imapcat

where can finance have the most impact

which other skill do you love most taht you want to bring

Chaotic Einstein alumni have an opportunity to connect with what I see as von neumann and all the GOATS of maths greatest gift - and I still havent found a way to unjargonise xp100 sdgen - @ Princeton 1951 my dad, Norman, met von neumann who had less than 6 years to live; neumann said if i give you the most valuable question humans ever ask, will you tryoing getting economist jourmalists to mediate it EconomistDiary.com

the question what good will people do exponentially with 100 times more tech every decade 1930s through 2020?s; good was very poignant to both neumann and dad; neumanns GOATS of maths had less than 6 more years to live- they had mainly had to spend their lives on the bad of nuclear arms racing; 9its quite sad to read how early Neumann was scribbling in his diary if only I could dedinate rest of my life to coding; but like all jewish maths immigrants to east coast usa he knew that the world could not afford hitler winning first prize of nuclear bombing

 since my father had spent his last days as a teen in allied bomber command burma, it was his life's hope that no other teens would ever need to do that again. When da joined the economst 3 years after the end of world war2 he was given a centenary autobiography the economist 1843-1943. This detailed how London Scot James Wilson had ultimately failed in trying to get queen victoria to design a world in which first london stopped starving half of teh irish to death; second teh quarter of teh epopels living on the subcontent of india had theoir onw banking system. In 1860 queen voctoria licensed chartered bank for Wilso to go do it, he died 9 moths after lading in cacutta of dairrehea. It took 112 more yeras before a viuolage womens bank was launched out of bangladesh- its first productive elap train illiterate vilage mothers to orally reyhdare infants so that 1/3 indfants in humimd vilages stop dying of diarrhea.

Have a look at history or a genre my father coined in 1976 as Entrepreneurial Revolution. Over 90% of inventions that have advanced the human lot involved lots of trial and error by a cluster of people sometimes so many that eg in case of electricity its hard to say which one person made it What matters is cooperation around a greater good is opened up just in time. Will climate good come in time? Will simply loving each other across cultures come in time. These are probaly the most exciting questions any humans have needed to answer - and if you are reading this in the 2020s tik tok you have a share in the most exciting responsiblity ever - by 2030 the bard's to be or not to be will likely define whether millennials are the first exticntion generation or whether 8 billion beings united just in time

an alternative write up of the above

If we are nature's smartest species and if we have over many decades had the chnace to enjoy (neuman maths GOATS kegacy) 100 times more tech per decade (100 times more tech is the most general interpretaion of huamnising artificial intel - within 4 years of neumann's death twin ai labs facing pacific out of stanfordf and facing atlantic out of mit were opened and there are many innovations to diuarise around alumni who linked in either of these places. These alumni have literally planted innovayions all over the world- one example a chiense american who studied in silicon valley then texas then from 1986 started upthe world's largest chip production space out of taiwan.At the time taiwan was chinese diaspoare number 1 inward investir into china mainland and the world's number 1 recipient og innovations humansd wanted to see the 2/3 people who are Asian rise around. NB back in 1865 worldwide "te;e" techologies were born initially around the telegraph. We can look at global connectivity industries (most early ones begin with tel or rad whose business and social leaders valued one standard (noboy wanted more than 1 way of turning public goods of airwaves round more than 1 communicatiosn satnadad). The mediation of global connectivity imdustries has from the beginning hapepned out oif switzerland and fortuatly when the Un was born the policy hq of unining nations donated by new yorkers was digitally twinned with the ITU with space palais ge congress donated by sqiss in geneva. At least three practices were co-locared out of geneva probably because it was recognised huge innovation leaos were possible in health and in above zero sum trade maps with each new tele or leap in global connectivity)

IF we accept that its only techforgood that can sustain all our childrens futures (even while techforcontrol may end our species) then its makes sense to map the ways tech skill people can design goods abover zero sums as well as agree what makes our species good (eg inclusion rights public goods, trus/safety) are the four the Un2 is mapping as benchmark for all gov fior sdgs

When my father and von eummann fistrt debared goods )(above zero sum trading maps) the most obvious example was gaol 4 education . when we app life critical knowhow it multiplies value in use unlike consuming up thisngs. Thats why education is the one of the skills freinds of neumann oir the scorrish school of economists on which The Economsiut was founded lie to map everry skill rising out of the idea that everyone can be lifelong elarner and coach. For example in india they have discovered that it takes 90 days to end illitracy of any 6 yera old up; and any literate kid is capable of being the coach of the illeterate one if celebrated for doin so. This is a consequence of the motessorri format which remains the number 1 vilage scvhooling fpr,at where there are not enough resources nor kids of each age group to have classrooms for different ages. WE are not saying the age graded classroom is a good or bad thing if you can afford it. We would like to note 2 things - many skills develop expereintially - we understanjd that for eg music sports, arts- its actually true for coding and enginnering and many skills that are advanced by apprenticeships. If you are doing age classrooms two things are notable- please intervene if a child hasnt accomplished specific things listed by specific ages - see eg survey rioght hand column of innovations.ning.com. Einsten noted a design flaw when do standard examination classrooms empower kids to co-craete or join in teams? 

All in al after 33 years of mediating neumanns question at teh economsit i coauthored in 1984 2025report- we mapped timelines for coming oif web 1,2,3. We explored the view that chnaging education would be nevcessary for human sustainability. We wanted tech to deliver each child her own skills dashboard and her own ai assistant of what skils to learn next as a fi=unction of life and livelihoods she was wanting to exploere

-see jim im 2013 video take it on

know that in 2016 after hopeless year 1 review on education che led connections of ed and tech in geneva - under the project ane digital cooperation - kim's time of inclusive educators became the process that designed all 9 pieces ofg un2.

 (in 2005 when google.org appointed epidemiologust larry brilliant to be the foundastion's first ceo, it seemed that a promise was being made that a top priority of tech's 21st c multipliers was intel we all needed to prevent pnademic destruction (I still dont wholly undersdtand what happened in silicon valley to have not turned do no eveil into doing some good so to speak - please note on balance I am defitnitely bot critiicisng google more than the 8 biggest dat comapnies taht took over most of the new value of the web 2 age but living walking distance from us national institute of health, its time that we the peoples tell lawyers and insurance and PR comoanies when a catstatrophic error is made we the peoples need the transparent lesson published openly fast -grow up as profesisons that sovieties give quasi-monoplies to-  t do no harm stop blocking life critical lessons )

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