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Thursday, September 22, 2022

 I am working on a chapter outline to final 2025report last edition to be published for summer 2023 - as a resource of possible benefit to UNsummitfuture and Glasgow microeducationsummit.com hune 2023 (aka 265th celebration summit of adam smiths moral sentiment system designs)

appendix  what do scottish followers of smith see the subject of economics as being (and not ) being about?

chapter 1 when my father died in 2010 the economist's long time science editor viscount matt ridley reviewed my father and and my 1984 version of 2025 report - how could a book timeline coming technology opportunities of web 1 and 2 accurately but end up with all of its societal hopes dashed? \- chapter 1 - the 3 greatest 20th century puzzles my family tree were concerned with -

maternal grandad writing up legalese of India's Independence

paternal grandad working between the wars in British Embassies primarily gathering intel on the risks being spun by Hitelr and Stalin

father having survived spending his last days as a teenage navigator allied bomber command burma, meeting von neumann in princeton and being asked to apply journalism's greatest scoop- what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade? 

 why i believe those living in 2020s have the most exciting responsibility - best last chance humans will have of preventing extinction before century 22

chapter 2 brainstorming in more details what sorts of goods you might have checklisted if you met john von neumann  - eg is replacing wars by peace a good humans are capable of?; which markets offer way above zero sum opportunities cooperative markets eg education (life critical community knowhow apps) which multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things; if by 2020s population size increases 4 times to 8 billion peoples and by then most peoples livelihoods depends as much on virtual production as next door, what changes will leaders of places need to help peoples celebarte staying ahead of?

chapter 3 - why until the death of kennedy 1963 - mediating von neumann's legacy and celebrating twin ai labs facing pacific 70% of peoples stanford, atlatntic 20% of people MIT seemed to be doing better than expected given brand USSR's  clear and present threat to everyone including its own people

chapter 4 by 1971 had the americam mindset to the world changed and why did father foresee dramatic consequences of nixon taking the world's currency off the gold standard- what was his systemic purpose in helping to launch new innovation lenses - both future history and entrepreneurial revolution's ( bew capitalism- Economist 1=976 Xmas Survey).

chapter 5 the media challenges anticipated in 2025 report - mass media had gone off course in valuing trust of humans relationships- could web 1, 2 be designed tonopen society trust in each other; where are the most postive cased of intergenetartion human development as we approach the new millennium - exactly what did places like singapore or hong kong do to extend what eg japan and korea south had been freed by usa to develop ; where else has human courage developed freedomsd against all odds 9eb=g the billion women on the contient of tropical asia and how communities empowered their extrordinary increase in life expectancy  

chater 6 so why couldnt public mass  media successfully mediate one primary new millennium goal on digital and real community cooperation to celebarte millennials generation


whats the good news of those innovating education and gov2.0

what else inspires you somewhere- can we play a game of world recird jobs creators - if you carried a pacj of 52 playing cards around with you - how many would we agree on; how do we value the contectually different choices we make

conclustion does the human race still value ist children as what united usd 8 billion beings- if not are the sdgs blah blah blah

as i say i welocme advice if you think there's a beter chapter layout - even co-editirs if anyone actually wants to share the same mindspace as that I am struggling to optimistically find 

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