(EWa) and ED invites you to help us connect our futures alphabet A B D F G H J M S Wo U Y. At -... we are in trouble - good trouble. Its as if everything we published from 73 years of Economist surveys with von neumann whom dad met in 1951 is history. That's good news- thanks 8 billion to AI Angel visiting Washington DC on 1 March 2023 :: ...Golden Oldie flashback: schools brief 14 (1964):

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

 David I learnt engineers' auditors often dont know what compound risks they are spinning from your leadership of Bra(n)dford Business School. Jack i started the group to explore whether we could build an AI Hall of Fame nominating those applying AI so millennials can be the first sdg generation (and ESG Generation). Von Neumann's daughter Marina is interested in this possibility as the first book on Von Neumann "Man From Future" just published this century. Only other complete bio was published by my fad Norman in 1993 after retiring from The Economist where he asked leaders what will you do/compound with 100 times more tech each decade having  met von neumann in 1951. Notably UN2.0 head Guterres has declared he wants to be remembered for future summits convened by youth not just nations- so if people prefer to group round Future Hall of Fame by tolets or any other Societal/Health market matching an sdg purpose that's great. Being a diaspora scot where moral system and carbon engineering started up within 3 years of each other (Smith & Watt 1760) I am biased towards scouting out Neumann's Hall of Fame. Intriguingly Marina Neumann spent her working life at General Motors... (Jack we shook hands in Berlin 2009 in summit moderated by Alan Webber and celebrating social business economics of billion Asian village women. At that time Yunus had won nobel peace prize -however I have since discovered that goal 2-4 food, health education systems in bangladesh were  originated by partners of Fazle Abed . For those who collect miracles- Glasgow U Abed was Asia's number 1 oil company engineer (royal dutch shell ceo east pakistan) when cyclone and war killed millions around him in 1970 - after which he spent 50 years on rural advancement collaborations (BRAC).Grad journalists & I went to Bangladesh 15 times to hear his legacy hopes. He asked that singapore universities and brac universities connected 100 new universities celebrating female graduates scaling sdg solutions instead of acting in separate alumni groups. Does that fit with your purpose Jack or anyone? Attached just concept dialogue with Marina- any errors are solely mine Wash DC. John I dont know if Volans is one of worlds first inter-uni alumni networks...

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